Plans underway to make Namibia a premier destination for conferences


Environment, Forestry, and Tourism Executive Director Teofilus Nghitila says they are working on making Namibia attractive again for international conferences and other meetings.

Nghitila made these remarks at the ministry's planning session for their quarter review and compilation of the Annual Management Plan for 2024–2025.

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism still needs to revive the tourism sector despite encouraging statistics from the sector.

Rent control bill in process


The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD) says an elaborate process is underway before the Rent Control Board is tabled in the National Assembly.

In 2015, the Cabinet passed a resolution requiring the government to introduce measures to regulate the rental market with a view to preventing the current exploitation of tenants by landlords.

The Rent Control Bill, which is supposed to activate the Rent Control Board to address steep property rental prices, needs to be tabled in the National Assembly by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.

OPM to update Cabinet on drought relief programme


The Office of the Prime Minister is expected to provide an update to the Cabinet on the drought relief programme next month.

This was confirmed by the Executive Director, I-Ben Nashandi, as Cabinet resumes in February.

The update to Cabinet would outline the progress and challenges in the implementation of the drought relief programme, barely four months after its roll-out.

The government initiated the programme late last year following a Livelihood Vulnerability Assessments and Analyses report that declared more than 600,000 households food insecure.

Namibia's laws around inheritance described as discriminatory


The Executive Director at the Ministry of Justice, Gladice Pickering, has described Namibia's laws around inheritance as discriminatory.

Speaking on nbc's Wheels of Justice on Sunday, Pickering shared her sentiments, saying the situation is unfortunate and there is an urgent need for the revision of the Act in its entirety.

Gladice Pickering cited the Administration of Estates Act and the Native Administration Proclamation as some of the examples that are discriminatory.

Multi-lingual education enhances the quality of education- Steenkamp


Ministry of Education Arts and Culture's Executive Director, Sanet Steenkamp says that multi-lingual education enhances the quality of education in the country.

Steenkamp said this as Namibia joins the rest of the world in celebrating international mother language day.

It was 71 years ago that four young students were killed in Bangladesh during a protest on language controversy that birthed the celebration of International day.

Not far from home, 47 years ago in Soweto, South Africa, was the scene of a massive uprising known as the 'Soweto Uprising.'