Stakeholders to conduct study on informal economy

In cooperation with the UN in Namibia, the Bank of Namibia, the Ministries of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment Creation, Industrialization, and Trade intend to conduct a study to comprehend the informal economy and its diversity, pinpoint solutions for related problems, and highlight opportunities for interventions.

Informal employment in Namibia has significant implications for people, enterprises, and the country's economy and social development.

Journalists exposed to online safety tools

Journalists are urged to protect their online communications and information from the growing threats brought on by the digital age.

These were the sentiments shared by journalists attending a workshop titled "Investigative Journalism in the Digital Age" underway in Windhoek.

Although technology has created major shifts in how journalism is practised nowadays, enhancing freedom of expression, access to information, and the promotion of accountability and transparency is still key.

Weakness in mining and environmental legislation contributes to non-rehabilitation of closed mining sites

A significant contributing factor to the lack of rehabilitation of closed mining sites in Namibia is a weakness in the mining and environmental legislation.

To address this issue, the ministries of Mines and Energy, as well as Environment, are taking steps to amend the existing laws that would require mining companies to include closure plans as part of their licence application process.

Criminalise exportation of raw mineral resources to ensure maximum benefits are retained within Namibia- Dr.  Aupindi

Swapo Party MP in the National Assembly, Dr. Tobie Aupindi, has emphasised the need for Namibia to criminalise the exportation of raw mineral resources in order to ensure that maximum benefits are retained within the country.

Cash benefits for disability grants in many countries do not cover basic expenses - Nyamadzwao

UNICEF's Manager for Social Policy at the Namibia Country Office, Jecob Nyamadzwao, says cash benefits for disability grants in many countries cannot cover the basic expenses of people with disabilities, let alone extra costs.

Nyamadzawo shared these sentiments at a Disability Budget Analysis and Inception meeting in the capital.

The government recently increased the disability grant to N$1,300, a move seen as a relief by many.