Locals urged to start appreciating the simple beauty of a night sky

The University of Namibia's Associate Professor, Dr. Michael Backes, says many Namibians do not have appreciation for the night skies.

However, many tourists travel from as far as Europe to have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Namibia's clear skies.

Namibia has the most unpolluted night skies, as they are clear, and tourists, especially from Europe, visit the country for an opportunity to experience the beautiful view.

Tsumeb residents advised to continue boiling water

Residents of Tsumeb are advised to continue boiling water for consumption.

This was said by the town's chief executive officer, Victoria Kapenda.

Since last year, Tsumeb residents have been having serious water issues as a result of underground water contamination.

Dundee Precious Metals, which operates a copper smelting plant in the town, also confirmed that the water had high microbiological traces.

The process of shock chlorination, or the disinfection of water sources, led to an improvement in the water quality compared to last year.

Otjozondjupa youth encouraged to apply for green hydrogen scholarships

Youth from the Otjozondjupa Region were engaged by the agency responsible for engaging in scholarships for Namibia's green hydrogen project.

The Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management (SASSCAL) is the implementing body, and it encourages young people to apply for the programme.

SASSCAL administrator Nikanor Nakaleke explained that, while green hydrogen scholarships were open to everyone last year, the Education Ministry this year looks to capacitate the youth in particular.

2024/2025 national budget consultations

The tabling of the 2024–2025 budget may seem far away, but the Ministry of Finance is already in the process of putting the budget together and engaging stakeholders for input.

Finance Minister Iipumbu Shiimi already held an engagement in the Zambezi Region before moving to the Otjozondjupa Region.

This is an opportunity for the stakeholders to propose their input and the way they think the budget should go.

All seven constituencies in the region were represented at the meeting, where a number of government offices and ministries joined to raise their concerns.

Chief Regional Officers called to share information

Chief Regional Officers need to collaborate and share information if they wish to see their plans realised.

The Head of Public Service and Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. George Simataa, reminded them of this duty to inform during a Chief Regional Officers' engagement held with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology at Otjiwarongo.

The meeting was aimed at discussing, among others, decentralisation, government communication, national information and communication technology, and development priorities.

Rikuetjua Tjombonde buried

Family, friends, and former colleagues of the late Rikuetjua Tjombonde paid their last respects during his memorial and funeral services.

The nbc's Director General, Stanley Similo, was among the mourners who paid their tribute. Survived by 11 children and his wife, Veziruapi, Tjombonde was described by mourners as having lived a life well lived. He served the nbc for decades, from the time of the SWABC.

In 2009, Tjombonde was appointed manager for the Otjiwarongo contribution centre; the same year, his health became a matter of concern.

Elderly woman evicted from Cando Farm still homeless

Priskilla Dausas, 71, who was evicted from Cando Farm three years ago, is still homeless.

Dausas was moved next to the fence opposite the road when the new farm owner, with no use for new workers, took over.

At the time, Dausas recalls that she had many farm animals, but their numbers have dwindled with time, moving further away from Farm Cando each time.

She is currently placed near neighbouring Farm Paloma in the Omatako District, but the pensioner says she cannot stay here as cattle theft is on the rise in the area.

Former Metro employees, residents protest

Former employees of the Metro Cash & Carry store in Grootfontein and residents of the town held a demonstration against the management of the wholesalers for allegedly dismissing employees unfairly.

Although the current employees of the retailer did not attend the demonstration as they were allegedly not allowed to go on a lunch break, those that were dismissed, together with the community at large, demonstrated to stop management from further dismissing employees unfairly.