Namibia's National Disability Council calls for end to discrimination


The National Disability Council of Namibia is calling for an end to discrimination against people with disabilities.

The council this week launched its new logo during the commemoration of National Disability Day at Otjiwarongo.

The commemoration of National Disability Day began with the African Union Commission's 35th session on its 'Continental Plan of Action for the African Decade Plan of Persons with Disabilities'.

It is meant to increase awareness and understanding of disability issues.

Grootfontein to relocate single-quarter residents


Grootfontein Municipality is constructing houses to relocate current single-quarter residents and for the old structure to be demolished. 

Grootfontein Municipality has started implementing some of the initiatives outlined in its Strategic Plan for 2024–2028.

The capital projects include the construction of 100 houses to cater for the relocation of residents from the single quarters.

There are 1,400 people residing in the Grootfontein Single Quarters. 

Out of the 100 houses to be constructed, more than 60 are already complete. 

Division among staff in Otjozondjupa causes regression


Division amongst staff members at schools led to the regression of the Otjozondjupa Region to the 6th position.

Otjozondjupa Acting Education Director Uerivangera Tjivikua mentioned the division to nbc News.

For the past three years, the Otjozondjupa Region has been in the fifth position but has regressed to the sixth position in the National Senior Secondary Certificate Advance Subsidiary Level and seventh in the Ordinary Level.

In terms of candidates who qualified for the advanced subsidiary, the region is in eighth place.

Neu Sommerau residents plead for proper roads


Residents of Neu Sommerau resettlement farm near Kombat are calling on the government to improve their roads as children get stuck when they walk in the mud on the way to school during the rainy seasons.

The Neu Sommerou resettlement farm has been in existence since 2003.

Although the population on the farm has increased over the years, there is a lack of some basic services, with the lack of proper roads being most concerning.

Otjiwarongo community asked to stop littering


The Otjiwarongo mayor has called on residents to refrain from littering.

Gottlieb Shivute made this call during the Otjiwarongo clean-up campaign.

As part of the efforts to make Otjiwarongo the cleanest town in Namibia, residents, including the Namibian Defence Force and other cooperating companies, joined the Otjiwarongo Municipality in cleaning up the town.

With the amount of dirt lying around Otjiwarongo, having all hands on deck during the campaign makes all the difference.

Drought relief considered for Otavi Constituency farmers pushed to townlands 


The Otavi Constituency has announced that it will start registering farmers who have been pushed to townlands with their animals to benefit from drought relief food.

The Regional Councillor of the Otavi Constituency, George !Garab, says this group of farmers is a special case.

Otavi is surrounded by many farms, and subsistence farmers retire, some with few animals and others with nothing, to townlands and settle in informal settlements.

Marginalised youth urged to prioritise education


The Deputy Minister of Marginalised Communities Royal |Ui|o|oo has encouraged marginalised youth to prioritise education if they are to take up leadership positions.

|Ui|o|oo was speaking at the workshop of the elected leaders of the Indigenous Marginalised Youth Organisation of Namibia (IMYON).

The training is for representatives from all regions and is aimed at empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfil their roles.

Lack of grazing in Okakarara District a concern


Livestock farmers in the Okakarara District are worried as their animals have started to die as a result of a lack of grazing.

Most farmers say they cannot afford animal fodder.

An nbc News team driving through Okakarara witnessed malnourished cattle roaming around in search of grazing.

Farmers have started to slaughter the weak ones before they die.

The Executive Director in the Office of the Prime Minister, I-Ben Nashandi, details the government's livestock drought relief programme, which is to be rolled out to all 14 regions of the country.

B2Gold Namibia hands over classrooms at Ombili Primary School


Learners of Ombili Primary School at Otjiwarongo are no longer being taught in tents, thanks to B2Gold Namibia, which has built them into a fully-fledged school.

Every year, the education sector faces numerous challenges, especially related to the placement of learners in the primary grades and a lack of proper structure.

At Ombili, where the project school started in 2019, 138 learners who could not find placement were taught in tents.

Distribution of drought relief assistance set to begin


Drought relief assistance and livestock support programmes for thousands of vulnerable and affected communities and farmers in the Otjozondjupa Region will be distributed from the beginning of October until June 2024.

This was announced by the Otjozondjupa Regional Governor, James Uerikua, who says the council will monitor closely to ensure there is no wastage of food aid or communities not able to access the aid.

At the Gam Settlement, about 100 kilometres from Tsumkwe, community members flocked in large numbers to register for food and livestock assistance.