Calls for production of durable shopping bags on Environment Day


The World Environment Day commemoration was held in Tsumkwe, Otjozondjupa Region, under the theme of land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience.
The reason for commemorating the day is to raise awareness and encourage action for the protection of the environment. As the world fights with the effects of climate change, it is important for communities to safeguard their geographical ecosystems. 

NYC engages youth in Gam and Tsumkwe


The National Youth Council (NYC) team visited the Tsumkwe Constituency to engage with the youth. The NYC delegation held meetings in Omatako Village and the settlements of Gam and Tsumkwe. 

The engagements, organised by NYC Tsumkwe Constituency chairperson Simson Kapembe, were aimed at introducing youth empowerment projects. 

Speaking at the meeting, Kapembe noted that Tsumkwe youth do not want to work together, citing an example of the few that showed up at the meeting. 

Omatako youth demand agricultural land


The community of Omatako in Tsumkwe West demonstrated against the !Kung Traditional Authority regarding the alleged denial of land for a proposed youth development project.

They handed over a petition to the senior councillor on behalf of Otjozondjupa Governor James Uerikua.

The youth project was proposed by the San and a final-year student at UNAM Matambo Kambila studying in the field of agriculture.

The intention was to keep young people busy, reduce the high crime rate, create jobs, and reduce poverty.