PowerCom inaugurates tower in Goreangab


PowerCom inaugurated a new tower in Windhoek's Goreangab residential area.

The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Dr. Peya Mushelenga, who presided over the tower's launch, emphasised its alignment with the Harambee Prosperity Plan's infrastructure development goals.

This tower's completion underscores the commitment to expanding access to information and communication technology, recognising its vital role in driving economic growth.

Dr. Mushelenga stressed that IT services and facilities are now a necessity, not a luxury, in today's society.

Heavens Ark Housing Organisation vs Stephan Malan case postponed


The court case in which the Heavens Ark Housing Organisation, a community housing initiative in Otjomuise is accusing a businessman, Stephan Malan of defrauding them has been postponed to 23 June.

The Windhoek Magistrate's Court has postponed the case of these Otjomuise residents for the umpteenth time, for the Prosecutor General's decision. 

These state-of-the-art accommodation facilities are situated in the disputed land of these disgruntled residents.

Namibian Police request the public to help identifying a female body


The Namibian Police are asking the public for help in identifying a female body stored in the Windhoek Police Mortuary or to contact them if they are aware of a missing person in their area.

According to the Head of NamPol's Public Relations Division, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, an unknown female was bumped by a car nearly two months ago on Sam Nujoma Drive near Otjomuise.

The unidentified woman is estimated to be between 17 and 25 years old.

Deputy Commissioner Shikwambi says no positive identification has been done to date.

Artist Marciel Tjerivanga dies from stab allegedly by his brother


A 28-year-old resident of Otjomuise Extension 8 in Windhoek, Marciel Tjerivanga, died in the early hours of Sunday morning after he was allegedly stabbed to death by his brother at the family's home.

An argument allegedly erupted inside the house during the early hours of the morning, according to family members, after the two brothers returned home from a night out.

Unfortunately, it ended in a fatality after the suspect allegedly stabbed his brother with a screwdriver.

Otjomuise resident accuses CoW of failing her


A resident of Otjomuise, Amanda Titus has accused the City of Windhoek of making a mockery of her dire need, to assist with her two-year-old son's medical condition.

Titus's two-year-old son Ilukena Nyambe has pulmonary hypertension, and congestive cardiac failure and is dependent on an oxygen machine, that can only work on electrical power, which the family has no access to.

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