Electricity tariffs increasing at rate higher than inflation

Electricity tariffs are increasing at a rate higher than inflation, which worsens the economic situation for Namibians.

The Electricity Control Board (ECB) has approved tariff increments for about five licensees that exceed the inflation rate, while some other licensees are still waiting for approval for the 2023–2024 financial period.

This situation is likely to put additional financial strain on the citizens and businesses in the country.

Namibians will once again have to dig deeper into their pockets to keep the lights on.

Electricity Control Board approves increase for bulk electricity tariffs

The Electricity Control Board (ECB) has approved an increase of 8.7% for NamPower bulk electricity tariffs, effective this month. That raises the tariff from N$1.82 to N$1.99 per kilowatt-hour.

The NamPower tariffs only impact 70% of distribution costs, with 30% being costs related to different licences.

The tariff increase is applicable to NamPower bulk customers, such as local authorities, regional electricity distributors, and regional councils, who are expected to pass on that cost to end users.

ECB proposes mechanism to mitigate frequent power outages at Rundu

The Electricity Control Board (ECB) wants to activate a power outage reporting mechanism for all stakeholders at Rundu in the Kavango East Region.

The reporting mechanism will ensure that the ECB does not rely on power generators and distributors for scheduled and unplanned outages.

ECB Spokesperson Ferdinand Molale says once the mechanism is activated, residents and businesses can help the regulator monitor the activities of the licensees.