Oranjemund residents want ||Kharas Region split


Residents of Oranjemund Constituency are proposing that ||Kharas Region be split into two regions, namely ||Kharas South and North, for service delivery streamlining. 

The Oranjemund Constituency councillor, Lazarus Nangolo,  presented the proposal during the second day of Boundary  Delimitation and Demarcation Commission's public consultations at Keetmanshoop.

Swakopmund struggles to meet growing demands amid rural-urban migration


As people leave rural areas in search of a better livelihood, towns such as Swakopmund are under immense pressure, and their capacity to deliver is a challenge.

The Swakopmund population has grown to over 75,000 people from about 45,000 recorded about 13 years ago. The majority of them live in informal settlements. 

Swakopmund is one of the towns that has been experiencing a high influx of people from all around the country, some of whom could not land a job and ended up fending for themselves.

Zambezi Development Association removes boundary signboard in protest


The Zambezi Development Association (ZDA) has removed the sign board of the Zambezi Regional boundary with the Kavango East Region and attempted to hand it over to the 5th Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission at Katima Mulilo on Tuesday. 

ZDA is a pressure group headed by Blessing Maanda.

The signboard and a petition, addressed to President Nangolo Mbumba, were received by Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu.

Ohangwena officials concerned over delayed government vehicle repairs


Ohangwena regional leadership has expressed dismay about the slow pace at which government vehicles are repaired at Ondangwa.

They were speaking during Works and Transport Deputy Minister Veikko Nekundi's courtesy visit to the office of Ohangwena Governor Sebastian Ndeitunga.

At the meeting, the issue of government cars taking a long time to be serviced at the Ondangwa government garage was high on the agenda.

Some cars allegedly take up to three years to be serviced, leading to poor service delivery to their constituents.

Okahandja Municipality unveils five-year strategic plan


In an effort to improve the lives of Okahandja residents, the town's municipality has launched a five-year strategic plan.

The strategic plan aims to provide basic and affordable service to residents, and accelerate land and housing delivery as well as water provision to the residents. 

The plan includes granting 5,000 families security of tenure, while 705 families will receive erven.

In addition, it will also bring infrastructure and institutional development.

Okahandja residents unhappy with poor service delivery


Disgruntled Okahandja residents are up in arms over poor service delivery at the town, claiming that their pleas for help fall on deaf ears.

At a community meeting held in Okahandja on Sunday, the residents said issues of poor water supply, inadequate land delivery, and the lack of proper sanitation remain unresolved despite numerous appeals to councillors and the municipality.

Sewage water, which has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a health hazard with the potential to cause diseases like cholera and malaria, flows freely within the community.

Digital Pocket Guide Launched to Improve Service Delivery


Civil servants have been encouraged to embrace technology and leverage the newly launched "Being a Public Servant in Namibia" Digital Pocket Guide 2.0 to improve service delivery.

Embracing digital technology has been identified as a key tool for improving effective service delivery and social justice. 

The digital version of the Pocket Guide will see the strengthening of institutions, governance, and capacity as civil servants will be better positioned to navigate the complexities of their roles to meet the needs of Namibia's public service.

Swakopmund prioritises service delivery


The Swakopmund Municipality has made progress in service delivery to all its residents.

This is evident through endeavours like allocating land for housing requirements and ensuring that the welfare of the community remains of utmost importance.

The municipality continues to explore innovative approaches to enhance the quality of life for all its residents.

More than 1300 residents of DRC Proper and DRC Wagdaar have been allocated land.

Uutoni urges leaders to prioritise service delivery and development


The Minister for Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, has urged leaders to set aside their political differences and prioritise timely service delivery and development.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony for new houses at Bukalo, Uutoni highlighted that internal conflicts among leaders hinder development, leading residents to blame the government.

Government is committed to service delivery - Sileze


The Swapo Party Regional Coordinator in the Zambezi Region, Maffat Sileze, has assured residents of Kansoko Village in Linyanti district of the government's commitment to service delivery.

Sileze's response comes after the community at Konsoko raised concern that elderly people walk long distances to receive their old age social grant, as well as the lack of boreholes in Masida and access roads to the villages between Makanga and Masidas.