Junior Tri-athletes to compete in South Africa

Six junior triathletes - accompanied by their coach - are set to compete at the Nelson Mandela Africa Premium Cup Triathlon in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on the 20th of March.

A few days before their trip, they were hosted by the Chief Administrator of the Namibia Sports Commission, Freddy Mwiya, and the President of Triathlon, Roual Spangenberg, at the office of the Namibia National Olympic Committee in Windhoek. 

National Para-Athletes to compete in South Africa

Earlier today the National Para-athletics team was given an official sent-off to participate in this year's South Africa Sports Association for Physically Disabled championship. Our reporter Erickson Tapiso has all the details.

A total of 34 para-athletes left the country today to participate in the South Africa Sport for Physically Disabled Championship in Cape Town.

This important competition will see the national Para-athletics team compete against the best in South Africa and other African countries for rankings.

Senior officials meet third session of the Namibia-South Africa Bi-National Commission

Senior officials met for the third session of the Namibia-South Africa Bi-National Commission, and discussed issues of mutual concern and strengthening bilateral cooperation.

The Executive Director of Namibia's Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation (MIRCO), Ambassador Penda Naanda, called on senior officials to rededicate their efforts aimed at addressing economic challenges and achieving sustainable goals.

Namibia's financial system remains uninterrupted

Namibia's financial system will continue uninterrupted, despite the greylisting of South Africa.

This assurance is given by the Bank of Namibia, following the rating of South Africa by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

The greylisting means that South Africa's financial system has deficiencies in fighting money laundering and terrorism financing.

BoN says Namibia was subjected to an evaluation exercise by the FATF last year and is making steady progress to address findings related to money laundering and terrorist financing.

Namibia Grape Company expects improved harvest

The Namibia Grape Company expects an improved harvest this year. This is after losing nearly 160 cartons of grapes to poor rainfall.

Managing Director Gideon Nuunyango told nbc News that more local people could be employed on a part-time basis.

The Aussenkehr Valley is known for its exceptionally long hours of sunshine, which allows the Namibian company to produce earlier in the season than most other grape-producing countries.

This gives Namibian grapes a significant price advantage in the European Union and other markets.

Namibia imports goods worth N$ 4.8 billion in November 2022

Namibia imported goods worth N$ 4.8 billion from South Africa, while goods exported by Namibia amounted to a mere N$ 1.5 billion, resulting in a trade deficit of N$ 3.3 billion in November 2022.
The Namibia Trade Statistics bulletin for November 2022 issued on Wednesday by the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) revealed that other countries that mainly contributed to the overall monthly trade deficit are India and Italy, having recorded trade deficits valued at N$ 804 million and N$ 402 million, respectively.

Namibia, Botswana and South Africa awarded UNESCO Peace Award for aquifer cooperation

Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa were awarded the UNESCO Peace Award for cooperation in transboundary groundwater governance and management in Paris, France.

Namibia and other African countries attended the two-day UN-Groundwater Summit, which was themed "Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible." The gathering looked at various aspects, such as how African countries can cooperate in groundwater management and utilization.

LPM leader Swartbooi kicked out of PAP

Loide Kasingo, the leader of a delegation of lawmakers in Namibia to the Pan-African Parliament has refused to shed light on a heated incident involving one of its members in a recent session, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The leader and chief change campaigner of the Landless People's Movement Bernadus Swartbooi was asked to leave a plenary session by security personnel for allegedly using foul language, a few days ago.

Public urged to remain calm as RFA introduces toll gates

The Chief Executive Officer of the Road Fund Administration has called on the public to remain calm amid the rising panic, as plans to introduce toll gates along 23 road sections in Namibia will force motorists to dig deeper into their pockets.

Ali Ipinge, instead, says Namibia stands to earn up to N$750 million in yearly earnings to upgrade and maintain its prestigious roads using toll gates, which he insists are common across Africa, Europe, and large parts of Asia.