People with disabilities call on ECN to be more inclusive


The Chairperson of People with Disabilities in the Ohangwena Region, Asser Shikongo, has called on the Electoral Commission of Namibia (EC) to, in the build-up to the national elections, be mindful of their responsibilities to citizens with disabilities. 

Representing the Regional Development Coordinating Committee, Shikongo took up the plight of the people with disabilities, saying their democratic rights are not respected, given the unavailability of information related to general voter registration in formats more easily accessible to the community.

NA's Deputy Speaker motivates Electoral Commission's reports


The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Loide Kasingo, motivated the annual reports submitted by the Electoral Commission of Namibia. The reports covered several key areas pertinent to the commission's operations.

Kasingo emphasised that the report not only demonstrates the commission's compliance with legal provisions but also highlights its dedication to fulfilling its mandate.

She stressed the importance of elected representatives recognising the trust placed in them by the people and utilising the report as a tool for enhancing the electoral system.

ECN urged to speed up publication of new voters register


John Likando, a Swapo MP in the National Council, is urging the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to accelerate preparations for the General Registration of Voters (GRV) following recent amendments to the Electoral Act.

He emphasised the importance of this exercise and called for unified support from all legislators to aid the ECN in this crucial process.

The National Assembly this week approved an amendment to the Electoral Act that allows for the general registration of voters to take place after the prescribed time frame.

Dr. Michael Tjivikua disqualified


Academic Dr. Michael Tjivikua has been disqualified from the race for the position of Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer of the Electoral Commission of Namibia.

This was after it was found that Dr. Tjivikua was a member of the Swapo Party Think Tank, information he failed to disclose.

The ECN conducted public interviews and presentations for the five shortlisted candidates for the position.

Dr. Tjivikua, who was an executive at the Namibia Institute for Public Administration, served in the Swapo Party's Think Tank in 2021.

Political parties in parliament fail to account for money allocated to them - ECN


The Electoral Commission of Namibia, ECN says political parties in parliament are still failing to account for money allocated to them by the state.

Parliamentarian Inna Hengari is calling on the ECN to be firmer as she claims some parties are using these funds to dish out cash loans.

The Electoral Commission presented challenges and success stories to members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Legal Affairs at Swakopmund.

Okaku by-election voters turnout a disappointment


By 5 p.m. today, about 2,700 people had cast their votes at 15 polling stations in Okaku.

The morning saw a good number of voters pass through, which slowed down later throughout the day at most polling stations.

The elderly dominated the numbers at most polling stations.

The ECN had hoped to reach a target of more than 6,000 voters. But that remains a matter of "wait and see." 

The counting should start tonight, but it is not yet clear if the results will be ready to be announced before the morning.

ECN prepares for Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency by-election


The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has started with preparations for the Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency by-election. 

The by-election became necessary, following the expulsion of former regional councillor, Gerrit Witbooi by his party, Landless People's Movement. 

The ECN's Control Administrative Officer Thomas Shapi, when addressing stakeholders at Keetmanshoop announced that the supplementary registration of voters will start next week Tuesday and end on Friday.  

New political party, "Body of Christ," launched


A political party based on Christian principles was launched at the Omakulukuma settlement in Ondangwa.

The Body of Christ Party targets Christians of all denominations and strives to take their voice to parliament.

BCP claims to be on a mission to ensure freedom, peace, and justice for all Christians as well as fight for the fundamental human rights of all.

Its president, Bishop Festus Thomas, is urging fellow Christians to rally behind the party in the upcoming 2024 national elections.

Over 10,000 registered voters expected to vote in the Okaku constituency by-election


More than 10,000 registered voters are expected to vote in the Okaku constituency by-election scheduled to take place on the 17th of March this year.

The by-election was necessitated following the death of regional councilor Hannu Kapenda last year.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia completed the supplementary registration of voters, which was held from the 10th to the 12th of January.

About 411 voters were registered, and were mainly individuals who turned recently 18 years old.

Incoming Moses ||Garoëb Constituency tackle service delivery-related matters


Incoming councilor of the Moses ||Garoëb Constituency, Stefanus Ndengu, says he is ready to tackle service delivery-related matters in the community.

The Swapo councilor who won the bi-election earlier this month says he has an "open door" policy and advises community members to reach out.

The Moses ||Garoëb constituency is made up of 25 locations and is home to over 40,000 inhabitants.