Five million Euros earmarked to skill and upskill Namibian youth for green hydrogen projects


The Director General of the National Planning Commission and Chairperson of the Green Hydrogen Council, Obeth Kandjoze, detailed how Namibia spent the €40 million Germany provided last year for the development of the green hydrogen industry in the country.

Speaking at the Green Hydrogen Symposium in Windhoek, Kandjoze said that €5 million was set aside for skilling and upskilling Namibian youth and €30 million for green hydrogen projects.

Green hydrogen a game changer for economic recovery


The green hydrogen programme is seen as a game changer in Namibia's quest for economic recovery and inclusive growth.

The chairperson of the Namibia Green Hydrogen Council, Obeth Kandjoze, revealed that the green hydrogen initiative has so far created employment for about 500 people.

Over 80 percent of those currently employed in the green hydrogen sector are from marginalised communities, while over 30 local SMEs have been deployed across green hydrogen programmes.

Overcoming challenges with green hydrogen and resource discoveries


The Director General of the National Planning Commission, Obeth Kandjoze, says substantive efforts are underway to revive and propel Vision 2030.

Kandjoze, who was speaking at the President's media briefing on Monday, acknowledged that significant setbacks, due to unmet obligations and challenges, are experienced to achieve the ambitious goals of Vision 2030.

The vision, conceived in 2004, aims to transform Namibia into a fully developed and industrialised nation, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

NDP5 extended for 2 more years


The Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) has been extended for another two years.

The Director General of the National Planning Commission (NPC) Obeth Kandjoze made the announcement at a media briefing in Windhoek. 

NDP5 is a five-year development framework document, launched in 2017 and originally expected to end in 2022. 

The document's formulation was widely consulted on, and it sets targets for a range of industries, towards transforming Namibia's economy.

Execution of NDP5 has now been extended for two more years, as resolved by the Cabinet. 

EU & NPC launch Annual Action plan 2022


 European Union and the National Planning Commission jointly launched an Annual Action plan 2022, committing 437 million dollars for the three programs in the area of early childhood development, governance and gender.

The three programs will strengthen the bond between Namibia and the European Union. 

Foundational education is allocated N$ 291 million dollars, for governance and gender equality N$ 45,5 million and the Technical Cooperation Facility receives N$100 million.

NPC's Obeth Kandjoze confirms Dr Amupanda's allegations on HYPHEN negotiations with government


The National Planning Commission's Director General, Obeth Kandjoze, has confirmed to nbc News that the allegations made public by AR Activist Dr Job Amupanda about the terms being negotiated by the government with a German company, HYPHEN, which won the Hydrogen Tender, are true.

But Kandjoze was also quick to point out that those terms are still drafts and negotiations are at an infant stage.