Cancer remains leading cause of death worldwide

Cancer remains a leading cause of death worldwide and will claim ten million lives in 2020.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Cancer Association of Namibia, Rolf Hansen, emphasised early detection and prevention as key methods to fight the disease.

Hansen addressed the opening of the Cancer Association of Namibia's Community Health Care Clinic and Patient Support Centre in Windhoek.

The primary objective of the centre is to raise community awareness about cancer prevention measures and early detection and to enhance available treatment options.

Cancer is not a death sentence: Hansen

The Cancer Association of Namibia's Chief Executive Officer Rolf Hansen has encouraged members of the public to not look at cancer as a vulnerability or a death sentence.

Hansen in an interview with Nampa stated that negative mindsets among individuals must change, including the perception that cancer targets women and old people.

The Cancer Association of Namibia supports patients through various programmes - assisting them financially providing mental support and accommodation.

NBC's Hartklop FM partners with CAN to raise cancer awareness

The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation's Afrikaans radio station, Hartklop FM, has partnered with the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) to help raise awareness about cancer.

Breast cancer remains the most prevalent type of cancer in Namibia, with more than 3,700 cases reported in the last decade.

Women aged 55 to 60 are mostly affected, although young women are also getting diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer.