Relief for female boaders at Mburu-uru community hostel 


Female boarders at the Mburu-uru community hostel in Kavango West Region will finally have their own sleeping quarters. 

About 13 learners have been sharing living quarters with the teaching staff, while eight others were cramped inside a small hut. 

Before the community hostel was established by educators and parents three years ago, learners spent about 26 kilometres walking to and from school. 

The long distances often left the youngsters tired, with some missing school altogether. 

Namwater aids schools in Kavango West with learning material


Namwater donates textbooks and stationery to 10 schools in the Kavango West Region.

The donation is worth over N$667,000.

The stationery supplied consists of 40 calculators, 50 flip files, 136 pencil cases, and 14 mathematical sets. 100 wood glues, 200 pencils, and accredited textbooks for various subjects offered at the selected schools.

Ten vulnerable schools were selected with the help of the Education Directorate.

Kavango West population increases to over 40%


The Kavango West Region has experienced a remarkable population surge of over 40.4% between 2011 and 2023.

Olavi Kapapero is the Namibian Statistics Agency's Regional Statistician for the Kavango West Region.
"In 2011, in Kavango West Region, there were 86,529 people. And then, from that number, in 2023, as we are speaking now, the preliminary report indicates that there are 123,266 people. If we subtract there, we get 36,737. The population increased by that number. And that is 42.5%."

Swapo Party members in Kapako accuse leadership of discrimination


Some Swapo Party members in Kapako in the Kavango West Region are accusing the leadership of discrimination and intimidation. 

The SPYL District Secretary for Kapako says, even though Valentinus Munkara was elected as the district coordinator last year, the Secretary General's office recognises Maurus Nekaro instead. A decision that they reject. 

During a media briefing at Kapako over the weekend, SPYL District Secretary of Kapako, Stefanus Kudumo, said the party leadership is undermining the democratic rights of its members. 

Mutorwa happy with drought relief food distribution in Kavango West Region


The Deputy Prime Minister, John Mutorwa, is pleased with the drought relief food distribution in the Kavango West Region.

Mutorwa embarked on a visit to all 14 regions to assess the distribution of drought relief aid. 

The Kavango West Region has eight constituencies with more than 27,000 people registered for drought assistance.

Only 2,000 households are benefiting from the programme. 

Four privately owned trucks distribute the food aid from one warehouse in the Kavango West region.

Construction of Nkurenkuru Hospital halted for a decade


Residents of Kavango West Region say they waited for far too long for the completion of the Nkurenkuru Intermediate Hospital, whose construction has been on hold for almost 10 years now. 

Since its groundbreaking ceremony in November 2014, no construction has been done, apart from a fence that was erected.

It is a project that was about to bring relief to the people of Kavango West, but their hopes are dashed.

Naingopo Primary in need of infrastructural upgrade


Naingopo Primary School in the Kavango West Region, situated over 80 km south of Rundu, is in urgent need of an infrastructural upgrade.

Community members feel that the school has been neglected for many years, with not even the bare necessities of a school.

Naingopo Primary School was established in 1978 and has a learner population of 75 with two teachers.

The school operates from pre-primary to grade three, using a multi-grade teaching method.

Social workers want safe house set up for GBV victims in Kavango West


Social workers in the Kavango West Region are calling for the provision of a safe house for victims of gender-based violence.

This was their call to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on gender equality, social development, and family affairs, which visited the region.

Since the separation of the Kavango Region into East and West, the west remains largely dependent on the east for many private and public services.

Pupils registration in Kavango West moves at snail's pace


Registration of pupils in the Kavango West Region has been moving at a snail's pace.

School staff fear this may delay or interrupt teaching and learning as classes are set to commence on Monday. 

Schools started with registration on Thursday.

On Friday, the nbc News team visited some schools and found teachers waiting on parents to come and register their children. 

They say this is an annual occurrence where parents are slack in registering their children.