Eduaction key to preparing learners for green hydrogen opportunities


Education is the key to accessing opportunities for development presented by both the Namibian government and through the country's natural resources.

This was said by Swapo Party member Verna Sinimbo at Sifuha Village in the Zambezi Region.

Addressing community members at Sinufa village as the political leader assigned to the Kabbe North district in the Zambezi Region, Sinimbo underlined the importance of education in preparing children to take advantage of opportunities in the fields, especially green hydrogen, and the oil and gas industry in Namibia.

Youth in Karibib struggle amidst lack of economic opportunities


There are many ways for youth to contribute to economic development, and their involvement is essential to the future of the economy.

However, young people in Karibib feel that this opportunity is passing them by because of a lack of opportunities in the town.

Many young people are still struggling to find work, a situation that is worsened by a lack of other means of employment, such as self-employment.

A lack of economic opportunities largely influences the living standards of people and causes inequality in society.

Young people at Tsumeb educated on economic opportunities open to them


With the high rate of unemployment among youth, many young people wallow without hope for their future.

To inject those finding themselves in this situation with a sense of enthusiasm, this year's Copper Festival started off with a youth conference, educating young people on the economic opportunities open to them.

It was a jam-packed event attended by young people from around Tsumeb and others who travelled from other towns.