Okaku Constituency ready for elections


Okaku Constituency residents will go to the polls tomorrow to elect a new councilor of their choice to fill the vacant post left by the late Gerson Hanu Kapenda, who died last year.

The nbc News team took to the streets of Okaku to gauge the voter's expectations.

The youth we spoke to said they were voting for job opportunities to be availed in the constituency.

They said gone are the days when they put regional councilors in office who later turned a blind eye to the electorates.

PDM canvassed votes in Okaku Constituency


The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) canvassed for votes in the Okaku Constituency ahead of next Friday's by-election.
The party's rally was attended by MPs, party leaders, and individuals at different levels.

Taking to the podium, Immanuel Ngaringombe, the party's Secretary General implored voters to deliver victory, saying that once voted into power, the party will bring much-needed development to the constituency.

IPC concludes Okaku Constituency by-election campaign


The Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) has concluded its campaign for the Okaku Constituency by-election with a drive-through at Okadoolopwena. 

IPC called on all illegible voters to go out in their numbers and elect its candidate, Sakaria Jakob, for a change.

If elected as the Councillor for the Okaku Constituency, Jakob promises to enhance efforts aimed at fighting poverty, under-development and unemployment among the youth.

NEFF leader believes his party has the interests of the masses at heart


The leader of the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), Epafras Mukwiilongo, has called on the eligible voters in the Okaku constituency to vote for his party's candidate, Tomas Nambambi.

Mukwiilongo believes the NEFF is the only political party that has the interests of the masses at heart, such as fighting for their rights.

Party members and sympathizers flocked to Iindangungu village in the Oshana Region for the party's campaign rally ahead of the by-election on the 17th of March.

Government brings services closer to Okaku residents 


The government has made considerable work in bringing services closer to the inhabitants of the Okaku Constituency in the Oshana Region.

Eighty-five percent of the residents in the constituency have access to clean drinking water.

The residents of Okaku will go to the polls on the 17th of this month, to elect a new regional councillor.

The position became vacant following the death of former councillor Gerson Kapenda last year.

Okaku is one of the largest constituencies in the Oshana Region.

PDM introduces Jason Haufiku as Okaku by-election candidate


Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) candidate Jason Haufiku was introduced to residents of Okaku Constituency.

PDM leader President McHenry Venaani has called on eligible voters in the Okaku Constituency to vote for the party's candidate Jason Haufiku in the upcoming by-election.

Venaani endorsed the PDM candidate at the party's star rally at Haiyandja in Okaku.

He says the Okaku by-election should be a generational election where young people are given a chance to lead.

Okaku prepares for by elections slated for the 17th March


Preparations are in full swing for the Okaku Constituency by-election on the 17th of next month.

Supplementary registration of voters has been completed, and the final voter register was published this month.

There are now 10,920 registered voters.

A voter education campaign as well as the nomination of party candidates have also concluded.

Okaku Constituency urged to vote for David Fillipus in by-election


The Swapo Party Secretary-General, Sophia Shaningwa has urged voters in Okaku Constituency to vote for her party's candidate David Fillipus in the upcoming by-election on 17 March.

The by-election became necessary following the death of Swapo Councillor Gerson Hanu Kapenda last year. 

Swapo has been in control of the constituency since independence. 

Addressing a campaign at Iindangungu Village, Shaningwa says the party needs to win the constituency to ensure that they continue with the development programme in the constituency. 

Over 10,000 registered voters expected to vote in the Okaku constituency by-election


More than 10,000 registered voters are expected to vote in the Okaku constituency by-election scheduled to take place on the 17th of March this year.

The by-election was necessitated following the death of regional councilor Hannu Kapenda last year.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia completed the supplementary registration of voters, which was held from the 10th to the 12th of January.

About 411 voters were registered, and were mainly individuals who turned recently 18 years old.

Okaku Constituency by-election slated for 17 March 2023


The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has also announced that the by-election for the Okaku Constituency in the Oshana Region is slated to take place on the 17th of March.

This follows the death of Councillor Hannu Kapenda on December 19 of last year.

Kapenda was the councillor for the Okaku Constituency since 2015 and also held positions such as chairperson of the Oshana Regional Council and of the management committee.