The government has made considerable work in bringing services closer to the inhabitants of the Okaku Constituency in the Oshana Region.

Eighty-five percent of the residents in the constituency have access to clean drinking water.

The residents of Okaku will go to the polls on the 17th of this month, to elect a new regional councillor.

The position became vacant following the death of former councillor Gerson Kapenda last year.

Okaku is one of the largest constituencies in the Oshana Region.

The constituency which is classified as rural has a population of close to 20 000 residents.

There are 15 government schools in Okaku and all of them are electrified.

The government has also taken health care services closer to the residents of Okaku.

The Okaku Constituency Administrative Officer Fillemon Jatileni said in Okaku they have two clinics, one at Okaku-center and the other one at Eloolo, he said the clinic at Eloolo is the new one and it was inaugurated in 2016, he added that they also have a mobile clinic at Oshikondilongo and one at Ondingadinga.

On rural water supply, new water pipelines were constructed at Olushika village in 2022, and the maintenance team has been connecting water meters to individual households.

There are six earth dams in the constituency, and funds have also been made available to excavate two more dams. 

On sanitation, 11 toilet units were constructed during the 2021\2022 financial year and 20 more toilets are earmarked to be constructed during the 2022\2023 financial year.

The government has also electrified some localities in the Okaku constituency, making it easy for people to do business and fight poverty.

"Okalama locality at Onyena was electrified in 2010 and Epuku Noyana in Ondjandjo center was electrified in 2017, with a tune of N$99 789, Okatunda in Okadhimeti center was electrified in 2018 Okanyuu in Omandombe center was electrified in 2021 with an amount of N$244 589 and Okankunzi locality in Etilahi No.1, the amount of N$249 179 was paid to NORED so that, that locality can be electrified.



Tonateni Haimbodi