Motorists at Otjiwarongo are calling on the local municipality to fix potholes that they say are damaging their vehicles and slowing down their business. 

The wide and deep potholes are a nightmare to motorists who fear they might cause accidents as they negotiate around them and are costing them money as tires are constantly damaged.  

Taxi drivers shared their concerns.

"Our business is running slow because of these potholes, then there is the fixing of cars our cars are getting old day by day, we need to change this."

"We don't drive any speed anymore all we do is just repair tyres, cars are getting old because potholes have become too much."

"We don't make enough money anymore, it takes two hours to get to the location, going and coming back."

Otjiwarongo Mayor Gottlieb Shivute says they have started fixing potholes in some parts of the town.

The potholes, he says will, however, continue being a problem as they cannot afford to fix them permanently.

"Our solution to the potholes is a temporally one due to the fact that we as a council, we cannot afford to fix them permanently. We have a mixture that we prepare to close off our potholes after the rainy season. Our guys are on the sites they are busy in the main road, they are closing down potholes also migrating to the intersections in locations but mostly focusing on the main road from the town to the location."

For some roads such as this one in Orwetoveni, the potholes have caused damage beyond repair and the entire tarred road might need to be scraped off.

This, the Mayor says, can only be done once funds are availed. 



Eveline Paulus