Alina Armas won the inaugural edition of the Spar Women's 10km race held at the Wanderers Sports Field in Windhoek on Sunday. 

The first edition of the Spar 10km Women's race and 5km Fun Run is an initiative and platform for all women in the country to join and continue to raise awareness in the fight against gender-based violence. 

This special and exciting race was created to motivate women from elite athletes to social runners to support each other throughout the race and fun run. At the event, NBC Sport caught up with the race director, Berthold Karumendu, who was impressed by the number of women that showed up for the event.

Karimendu Gutter said, "By seven o'clock, everyone was ready to take on the race. The atmosphere, mood, and energy were outstanding. At the end of the day, the 5km race, which was also open to those who are not usually active, brought the total number of participants to 400 and something. We are looking forward to making this race bigger and better in the new year."

At the same event, we also spoke to the winner of the 10km race, Alina Armas, who finished in first place with a time of 37:06:30.

"I want to start with the course. Really, the course was tough. I'm not even joking, it was really tough. We started leading from the 4km mark, and from there, I realized I needed to push a little harder to make it to the finish line," Armas said. 

She continued, "The moment I reached the 8km mark, I realized that I could be the winner because there was too much of a gap between me and the other runners."

Lastly, Karumendu mentioned that the event was meant to show respect, love, and appreciation to all the women in Namibia.

"This is a special race for women. Women are special people. We need to take care of them, protect them, and love them. They are our mothers. Also, the awareness of gender-based violence for men and others to take their hands off women."

The next Spar race for both women and men is expected to take place this year in the first week of November in the north.



Erickson Tapiso