Erongo Law Enforcement Takes Down Drug Operations in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

In a significant crackdown, Erongo law enforcement authorities have successfully confiscated drugs with an estimated value of N$1.5 million in operations conducted at Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

Seven Namibian nationals are now in custody following separate arrests.

A breakthrough operation by the Erongo Police drug squad on Wednesday yielded one of their largest seizures to date. A residence in the Kuisebmond district of Walvis Bay was raided, resulting in the discovery of cannabis valued at N$1.3 million.

Arrested and subsequently denied bail, 30-year-old Harases Dantago is currently in custody.

In an unrelated incident, 31-year-old Dominic Denker was apprehended in Swakopmund. Denker is alleged to have received a package from Germany containing cannabis seeds worth N$97 000. He made his initial appearance in the Swakopmund Magistrates Court.

Additionally, an undercover operation carried out in Walvis Bay led to the arrest of Leonard Wilbard, 25, who received a three-year direct imprisonment sentence for engaging in the sale of cannabis valued at around N$60,000.

Four more suspects, apprehended in two distinct cases, were reportedly found in possession of cannabis worth N$27,000.

Commissioner Nikolaus Kupembona has highlighted a concerning trend where minors are being exploited as conduits for drug distribution, while young adults resort to drug dealing as a source of income. The leniency of current laws towards minors is cited as a factor contributing to this problem. Kupembona urges the public to take an active role in reporting such drug-related activities, either through the suggestion box, contacting local law enforcement divisions, or visiting police stations.



Renathe Rengura