Police in the Hardap Region seized illicit drugs, weapons, cigarettes, and liquor during Operation Zero, which was conducted in the Rehoboth policing area from August 22 to August 24.

Operations conducted included eight road blocks, foot and vehicle patrols, and stop-and-searches.

Inspector Otniel ||Gowaseb, the Head of the Community Policing Unit in Hardap, says 1,188 vehicles were stopped, of which 120 were searched.

Fines related to road traffic offences worth N$50,750 were issued, and 30 people were arrested for drunken driving.

According to Inspector ||Gowaseb, of the 30 drunk and driving offenders, 14 had paid a combined bail amounting to N$112,000.

Eight people aged between 18 and 36 were also arrested for drug and illegal substance-related offences.

Police seized these substances, worth N$8,920 in crack cocaine and skunk cannabis.

Two people were also arrested for operating a shebeen without a liquor licence, and liquor worth N$21,000 was confiscated.

"We will make this place so bad for you guys to move out of Hardap if you want to stay and deal with drugs. This is not a region where you must do as you wish. We are hunting you and will get you one day. Mark my words, one day we'll get you, and that day is not far. This is not a threat; it is a friendly warning. We'll not allow any illegal business in Hardap Region; you'll move out of this region, or you'll find yourselves on the wrong side of the law."

||Gowaseb thanks the community for their continued collaboration with the police in tackling crime in the region.



Luqman Cloete