China and Namibia continue to strengthen bilateral trade.

The two nations trade volumes reached N$18.2 billion, an increase of 29% compared to last year.

China and Namibia have built strong economic, infrastructural, and trade relations over the years, with a number of Chinese companies taking advantage of Namibia's favourable business environment and investment opportunities.

This has ignited better cooperation prospects for both nations, with Chinese official visits on the cards aimed at the development of more projects and a better focus on regional and international matters.

"I hope there will be exchanges of high-level business between our two countries. I hope we forge closer economic cooperation in various fields, not only in the mining sector but also in renewable energy like green hydrogen and other areas, said Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Zhao Weiping.

Although China has invested in Africa's mineral resources as an important part of trade and economic growth, there continue to be questions about the fair share of benefits from Africa's natural resources.

Weiping, who addressed the media in the capital, was quick to point out that the mutual agreements between China and Africa are a form of exchange in areas that benefit all countries.

Namibia is not an exception.

He cited the Chinese-invested Husab Uranium and Rossing mines as examples that contribute to the country's economic growth.

He stated that the two mines contribute 7% to the country's GDP and create 6,000 jobs, while Husab Mine pays N$200 million in taxes annually.

Lately, the Chinese lithium Xingfeng Investment Company has been in the media for unfavourable reasons of late, posing a potential threat to the two nations' cooperation.

Weiping, however, shared a different view, saying that this should in no way affect mutual benefits.

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Celma Ndhikwa