In reaction to the Electoral Commission of Namibia's (ECN) decision to deregister the Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) and the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), CDV leader Gotthardt Kandume labelled the move as unjust and premature.

Kandume explained that there was an agreement with the ECN regarding the submission of financial reports. He stated that the CDV had communicated to the ECN that they would submit their financial report on June 30. This arrangement was accepted by the ECN; however, the Commission deregistered the parties before the agreed-upon date.

He detailed the timeline of events leading to the deregistration. "In May, the ECN requested the submission of financial statements by May 29. The CDV complied with that request. For the final report, the CDV informed the ECN that their financial year ends in September and requested a grace period until June 30 to submit the necessary documents, to which the ECN agreed."

Kandume criticised the ECN for "acting in advance of the agreed deadline," pointing out that the auditors had confirmed they would meet the June 30 deadline and that they had evidence of the ECN's acceptance of this date. He expressed confidence in the party's position and indicated that legal action might be forthcoming.

Despite the deregistration, Kandume reaffirmed the legitimacy of his party's elected officials, emphasising that they were elected by the masses and sworn in by the Chief Justice. He asserted that the deregistration does not change this legitimacy.

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