ICT Ministry rejects claims of interference at New Era

The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Dr. Peya Mushelenga, has addressed concerns regarding the suspension of the Managing Editor at the New Era Newspaper.

In response to questions raised by Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Maximalliant Katjimune, Dr. Mushelenga dismissed claims of political interference, stating that the suspension is handled by the corporation's board and management.

Dr. Mushelenga stressed that Namibia, known for its commitment to press freedom, operates within a framework of self-regulation and upholds journalistic standards.

Fish production faces seasonal constraints

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources, in its oversight visits to aquaculture projects of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, disclosed that fish production faces seasonal constraints due to the absence of greenhouse plastic covers, limiting the capacity for year-round fish production.

Hilaria Mukapuli presented the findings in the National Assembly, exposing fundamental hurdles that urgently require attention for the country to strengthen its position in aquaculture.

Parliament wraps up 8th session

Wrapping up its 8th parliamentary session, the National Assembly closed its doors today. Lawmakers will reconvene for the next session on February 6th, 2024, marking a pause in national legislative activities until then.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi, expressed heartfelt appreciation to all members for their collective journey during the eighth session. 

He extended wishes for a blessed festive season and a happy, productive 2024 to each member. 

ECN urged to speed up publication of new voters register

John Likando, a Swapo MP in the National Council, is urging the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to accelerate preparations for the General Registration of Voters (GRV) following recent amendments to the Electoral Act.

He emphasised the importance of this exercise and called for unified support from all legislators to aid the ECN in this crucial process.

The National Assembly this week approved an amendment to the Electoral Act that allows for the general registration of voters to take place after the prescribed time frame.

Limited resources hampers veteran fund projects

The Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Frans Kapofi, has explained that the Namibian government's commitment to disburse funding for veterans' projects is hampered by the constraints imposed by limited resources.

He was addressing the challenges impeding the progress of project funding in response to questions from Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Elma Dienda during a parliamentary session.

Kapofi recalled the recent parliamentary approval of the budget, which included provisions to fund projects for veterans.

LPM's Paul Isaak presents motion for the allocation of land

The Landless People's Movement (LPM) MP Paul Isaak presented a motion for the allocation of land to address the pressing issue of housing for the urban poor and landless citizens in Namibia.

Isaak expressed gratitude for the opportunity to discuss this matter that touches the lives of all Namibians. 

He emphasised housing as a fundamental human right, citing the National Housing Policy and the pivotal role of the National Housing Enterprise in realising this right.

PDM MP Concerned About Proposed NSFAF Loan Repayment

The Popular Democratic Movement's (PDM) MP Maximalliant Katjimune has voiced concerns about tying student loan forgiveness to job creation at NSFAF.

Katjimune emphasised the necessity of a comprehensive approach, underscoring that not all youth aspire to be entrepreneurs and stressing the importance of equal opportunities for everyone.

Katjimune was contributing to the motion on incentivizing NSFAF loan beneficiaries for entrepreneurship and job creation by the Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, Veikko Nekundi.

Cancellation of NA on Wednesday deemed un-procedural

The cancellation of the National Assembly's Wednesday session raised eyebrows among members, as it was deemed neither procedural nor in line with parliamentary rules.

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Maximalliant Katjimune explained that there is no provision in the rules that dictates that the speakership may just cancel the session in the middle of it when there was no reference to any rules whatsoever.

The Deputy Speaker, Loide Kasingo, apologised and cited unspecified reasons for the cancellation.

National Assembly MPs unite in addressing food security in Namibia

National Assembly MPs have set aside their political differences to support the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Diederik Vries' motion that calls for urgent measures to address the food security situation in the country.

The motion has been forwarded to the relevant parliamentary standing committee for further review.

Herlinde Tjiveze of the Republican Party (RP) pointed out global food insecurity as climate change effects become a reality.

She advocated for sustainable solutions.

Motion to address high crime rate referred for investigation

The motion, put forth by Mike Venaani of the Popular Democratic Movement's (PDM), to address Namibia's high crime rate, has been referred to the parliamentary standing committee for further investigation.

Highlighting the severity of rising crime in the country, members of the National Assembly called for a collaborative effort to identify effective solutions to secure a safer environment for all citizens.