nbc !Ah Radio Senior Producer laid to rest


nbc !Ah Radio Senior Producer, Willie Naka, was laid to rest at Sagmeel village, 70 km from Tsumkwe.

Speaking at the funeral service, Deputy Minister of Marginalised Communities, Royal |Ui|o|o, said Naka was a producer who presented Indigenous people well on the radio.

The late Naka was born and raised in Omatako and was described by mourners as a man of few words who was married to his work.

He started working at the nbc in 2003 at the !Ah radio station in Tsumkwe and was later appointed as a senior producer, a position he held till his death.

Otjiwarongo SPAR not closing


SPAR Southern Africa Chief Executive Officer Max Oliver says the popular retailer at Otjiwarongo, Theo Spar,  will continue to trade as normal and will not be closing.

Responding to an email from nbc News, Oliver says the SPAR Group network thrives on supporting retailers, fostering entrepreneurship, and building strong business relationships.

Otavi residents receive drought relief food parcels


Families residing in the peri-urban areas of Otavi in the Otjozondjupa Region were pleased to receive food parcels from the Drought Relief Programme, expressing gratitude for not having to go to bed hungry any longer.

The 2022 Global Hunger Index suggests Namibia suffers from serious hunger levels, with the country ranked 78th out of 116 countries.

The government has made a concerted effort to assist the needy, including through its Drought Relief Programme, which delivered 20 kilogrammes of maize meal, cooking oil, and soya mince to residents of Otavi.

Police and community in Otjozondjupa Region fight crime


The Namibian Police in the Otjozondjupa Region hosted a five-day training exercise for the Okakarara Constituency Crime Prevention Association (OCCPA).

This is in line with efforts to involve communities in the fight against crime, especially stock theft, which is rampant in the region.

Members of the Okakarara Constituency Crime Prevention Association were joined by other like-minded individuals from the Omaheke Region. They were guided by the principles of an effective community policing philosophy.

Otjozondjupa residents propose Region Split into North and South


The residents of Otjozondjupa Region have proposed dividing the region into two parts: Otjozondjupa North and South.

Residents also want to split certain places into specific constituencies.

Otjozondjupa is the fourth largest region, with nine settlements.

Most services are available in its capital, Otjiwarongo. For example, residents of Gam have to travel about 600 kilometres to access such services.

Before the visit from the Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission, the region's leadership visited each constituency to gather their input.

15-year-old Francisca Shihepo hopes to put her "talking" to practice


While many children go through life without discovering their true talents, 15-year-old Francisca Shihepo says she discovered early on that her talent is to 'talk'.

While kids can have a lot of interesting talents, 15-year-old Francisca Shihepo loves to talk. 

"I talk a lot; I even annoy my mom because I can't stop, I am inspired by Elago Shitaatala because she's confident and calm."

!Oë-‡Gân Traditional Authority proposes renaming Erongo


The !Oë-‡Gân Traditional Authority recommended that the Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission rename the Erongo Region to its historic name.

The Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission visited Omaruru to cater for the Daures, and Karibib constituencies after Swakopmund.

 However, the Zeraeua Traditional Authority does not agree with the region's name change.

The Commission expressed that changing the name of the region might raise questions of tribalism.

The final document for the region will be submitted within the next 14 days. 

Kunene residents propose constituency boundaries be drawn


Kunene Region residents are requesting changes to be made to the Khorixas, Epupa, Opuwo Rural, and Outjo constituencies. They also suggest dividing the region into two parts.

They propose including Ombika and Okaukeujo in the Outjo Rural Constituency. Currently, Ombika and Okaukuejo are part of the Uuvudhiya Constituency in the Oshana Region, but Outjo residents want them to be part of Kunene. 

Incomplete road works hazardous for motorists in Sorris Sorris


Residents of Sorris Sorris Conservancy in the Khorixas District are calling on the government to attend to their roads by upgrading them to either gravel or tarred roads.

Over the years, the D2612 road from C35 up to the C3 conjunction, from Khorixas to Bergsg, has been scrapped as part of road maintenance.

Residents say the incomplete roadworks make it unsafe for users. 

The residents say they wrote to the Roads Authority in March regarding the road condition and have not received any response to date.

Grootfontein unites for Otjiwanda SME and Youth Expo


Young people at Grootfontein took advantage of the Otjiwanda SME and Youth Expo, not only showing up in great numbers but also showcasing their creativity and sense of business. 

The 9th Otjiwanda SME and Youth Expo left organisers amazed as over 30 young people showed up eager to showcase their creations in business.

The expo kicked off on Wednesday with great support from local residents, who visited stalls and supported the youth.