MP Mbangu raises constitutional concerns over electoral law amendments


In a critique of proposed amendments to the electoral laws, National Council MP and Independent Candidate Paulus Mbangu has raised significant constitutional concerns that could affect civil servants across the country.

The Electoral Amendment Bill seeks to broaden the eligibility criteria for the National Assembly elections by allowing remunerated members of the public service, as well as members of the National Council, regional councils, and local authorities, to be nominated as candidates for the National Assembly.

NIDA faces scrutiny over alleged mismanagement


The Namibia Industrial Development Agency (NIDA) faces intense scrutiny following a scathing report by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts and Economy. 

Independent candidate Paulus Mbangu criticised NIDA for mismanagement, citing the agency's failure to effectively manage its responsibilities. 

He proposed several recommendations aimed at reforming governance and improving accountability within NIDA and other state-owned enterprises.

Prof. Peter Katjavivi highlights importance of Children's Parliament


Speaker of the National Assembly Professor Peter Katjavivi hosted a dinner in honour of the young MPs partaking in this week's Children's Parliament sessions. 

The occasion was filled with a vibrant atmosphere, with most young parliamentarians draped in Namibia's diverse traditional attire.

The idea of traditional wear underscored the importance of cultural identity and unity among the nation's youth.

It provided a platform for the young parliamentarians to network, share ideas, and discuss initiatives aimed at addressing youth issues and promoting education.

National Council resumes


The National Council resumed business today.

The National Council, or House of Review, reviews bills passed or referred to by the lower house, the National Assembly, and addresses regional concerns.

When it resumed today, the session began with a moment of silence in honour of the late former Education, Arts, and Culture Minister, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa.

 The National Council's Chairperson, Lukas Muha, emphasised the importance of purposeful deliberation, highlighting unity as a cornerstone of effective governance.

Children's Parliament of Namibia prepares for 6th session


The Children's Parliament of Namibia prepares for its 6th session with a rigorous two-day orientation focused on essential skills and legislative acumen.

Led by mentors, the "soft skills" workshop covered leadership qualities, teamwork, sustainable development insights, conflict resolution strategies, empathy training, and communication skills.

The personal assistant to the speaker and former deputy speaker of the 4th Children's Parliament, Shaandre Finnies, stressed the importance of readiness in legislation and soft skills.

Delayed capital projects a concern


The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs scrutinised top government bodies over delayed capital projects and lapses in office security, raising serious questions about accountability and efficiency.

Chaired by the Deputy Chairperson of the committee, Paula Kooper, the committee briefed stakeholders on its oversight findings after visiting the Ministry of Justice and Judiciary's capital projects.

The visits were to assess project progress and implementation under the approved development budget. 

Government's fishermen's employment programme hit by declining fish stocks


Fish stocks are declining, challenging the government's plan to employ former fishermen at sea.

Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Derek Klazen said this in response to questions by Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) MP Mike Venaani, who sought an update on challenges, sustainability efforts, and future plans for Namibia's fishing industry. 

Venaani's inquiries underscore the need for transparency and effective solutions to the fishing industry's challenges.

Windhoek parking meter system raised in National Assembly


Concerns over Windhoek's parking metre system were brought to the fore in the National Assembly with questions regarding dwindling parking revenues and outdated infrastructure. 

UDF MP Dudu Murorua, who initially raised the issue, said there was a noticeable yearly decline in parking revenue.

An investigation initiated by the Windhoek municipal council in 2021 revealed that the existing parking metres were outdated and no longer properly maintained.