Okahandja pensioners unhappy with RedForce  


Pensioners in Okahandja are finding it hard to cope with their high municipal debts. 

The arrears date back to the time before prepaid electricity and water. Now that RedForce has come into the picture, the elderly say it will be impossible to settle the debts. 

These are Susanna Top and Daniel Paulse. They are some of the many pensioners drowning in municipal debt at Okahandja's Nau-Aib location. 

They claim that, after they reached arrears of about N$60,000, the municipality handed over their account to a debt collector, RedForce. 

ECN trains potential registration officials at Otjozondjupa


The Otjozondjupa Regional Electoral Officer, Victoria Amutenya, says only 148 out of the 204 trainees will be appointed as registration officials in the Otjozondjupa Region. 

General voter registration is scheduled to start on June 3 and last until August 1.

The registration officers are expected to be in the field from Monday to Saturday, starting from eight o'clock to seven o'clock in the evening.

Participation and conduct during the training are key, says Amutenya.

Copper cable theft a huge concern at Okahandja


Copper cable theft has been on the rise in Namibia, causing significant problems for electricity distribution companies and the communities they serve.

The town of Okahandja has become a hotspot for this dangerous criminal activity.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, residents of Smarties extension 9 in Okahandja were awakened by a loud sound, followed by a power outage.

At sunrise, residents noticed that three copper cables had been cut from a transformer supplying power to their houses. They promptly alerted CENORED officials, who responded quickly.

Protesters demand justice for Okahandja police shooting victims


Protesters marched to Agostinho Neto Square on Saturday to demand justice for the killing of five men who died at the hands of police officers in Okahandja in April last year.

The protest was spearheaded by activist and Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) member Michael Amushelelo.

The plan for this march was to bring across a message of grief and unhappiness.

Gathered were the youth, family, and friends of Erikki 'Akawa' Martin, Abed Andreas, Marius Ipinge, Malaika Kotokeni, and Flavianus Endjala.

Okahandja Municipality unveils five-year strategic plan


In an effort to improve the lives of Okahandja residents, the town's municipality has launched a five-year strategic plan.

The strategic plan aims to provide basic and affordable service to residents, and accelerate land and housing delivery as well as water provision to the residents. 

The plan includes granting 5,000 families security of tenure, while 705 families will receive erven.

In addition, it will also bring infrastructure and institutional development.

Okahandja residents unhappy with poor service delivery


Disgruntled Okahandja residents are up in arms over poor service delivery at the town, claiming that their pleas for help fall on deaf ears.

At a community meeting held in Okahandja on Sunday, the residents said issues of poor water supply, inadequate land delivery, and the lack of proper sanitation remain unresolved despite numerous appeals to councillors and the municipality.

Sewage water, which has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a health hazard with the potential to cause diseases like cholera and malaria, flows freely within the community.

Okahandja teen fatally stabbed


A 17-year-old boy succumbed to his injuries at the Okahandja State Hospital this morning after he was allegedly stabbed in the neck with a sharp object.

Henry Kock was allegedly found by a passerby on Vekarapi Street in the town in the early morning hours of today.

Preliminary police investigations indicate that Kock was still alive when he was found and was taken to the Okahandja State Hospital, where he died later.

The motive that led to the incident is still unknown to the police, and no arrest has been made so far.

Chief Samuel Maharero commemorated


The Red Flag has commemorated 100 years since the reburial of the remains of Chief Samuel Maharero, who died in Botswana in 1923.

The commemoration was held at Okahandja under the theme, ''Celebrate the past, embrace the present, and leverage the foundation for the future generation".

Hundreds of descendants of the OvaHerero flocked to Okahandja in remembrance of the reburial of Chief Samuel Maharero's remains.

Maharero is remembered for succeeding in leading thousands of his people to the British Bechuanaland Protectorate, today known as Botswana.

UDFYL embarks on mission to revive youth league structures


The United Democratic Front of Namibia Youth League (UDFYL) has embarked on a mission to revive the youth league structures, which have been dormant for the past 15 years.

The youth league held an elective conference to decide the next wing's executives to represent the party come 2024.

The conference at Okahandja was attended by members from Tsumeb, Grootfontein, Otavi, and Otjiwarongo.

Michael Skini, UDF Youth League Secretary General, said they are on a journey to revive all 32 branches.

MURD hands over 33 houses


The government continues to support initiatives to deliver housing to low-income earners.

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development handed over 33 houses to the Shack Dwellers Federation in Windhoek's Okahandja Park.

Of the 33 houses, 22 were funded by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, while Standard Bank funded 11.

Deputy Minister Natalia |Goagoses emphasised the need to address poverty and inequality and bring about social harmony and economic advancement.