Flood waters continue to subside in Ohangwena and Oshana regions

The water levels in flood-stricken villages of the Ohangwena and Oshana regions continue to subside, giving a bit of relief to the affected residents. 

It's been close to three months since the flood waters from Angola entered Oimbadalunga Village in the Ohangwena Region. 

The flood waters spread quickly to Oimbadalunga, Eeshoke, Ohaingu and Engela villages in the Engela Constituency. 

Many keenly followed the floods with bated breath and excitement in anticipation of what would come. 

Road Fund Administration donates towards flood victims in Northern Namibia

The Road Fund Administration (RFA) has donated N$600,000 towards flood victims in the Oshana, Omusati, and Ohangwena regions.

The devastation caused by the floods is worrisome, and RFA CEO ALI Ipinge says, as a public entity, it is duty-bound to support communities impacted by these natural disasters.

Ipinge further says the RFA will rehabilitate roads that have been washed away, damaged, or riddled with potholes in due course.

Schools re-open in Ohangwena Region

About 29 schools that were closed due to flooding have been re-opened in Ohangwena Region. 

This followed the subsiding of flood waters.
The floods affected 36 schools in the region, disturbing learning for more than 17 000 learners.

Among 30 schools that closed, 29 have now been re-opened, with exception of Shingunguma Primary School. 

Shingunguma Primary School is in Ongenga Constituency, in Eengava Village. 

The school closed on 17 January, affecting about 377 learners and 11 teachers.

Ohangwena Emergency Task Force assists schools affected by flood

The Ohangwena Emergency Task Force is working on assisting learners whose schools have been affected by the flood.

The flood waters from southern Angola, which reached the western part of Ohangwena Region about a month ago, have disrupted the lives and well-being of many residents.

This situation has forced the closure of approximately 18 schools in the region, as all roads leading to schools through the floodplains are completely cut off.

SUN calls on MoEAC to speed up assistance to flood-affected learners in the north

The Students' Union of Namibia has called on the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture to speed up humanitarian efforts for flood-affected learners in the north.

The union says closing schools due to heavy rains will just worsen the already difficult academic situation.

The student movement further wants the government to find a permanent solution to the recurring problem.

The Students Union of Namibia says the ministry should be more proactive, especially when it comes to the floods often experienced in the north.

Monday marks day four of Oimbadalunga Village flood

Today (Monday) marks the fourth day since flood waters from neighboring Angola poured in at Oimbadalunga Village in the Ohangwena Region.

As the water keeps trickling in, residents and visitors alike are urged not to hit the panic button, as authorities say the situation remains under control.

Politicians, the security cluster, and broader communities have all been waiting with bated breath, hoping flood waters will not result in any damage or injury.

Oimba-dalunga residents witness the flood waters

Residents of Oimba-dalunga in the Ohangwena Region were the first to witness the flood waters coming into Namibia from Angola on Friday. 

Some access roads leading to Engela hospital and surrounding villages from Oimbadalunga have already been flooded. 

Scores of residents and visitors alike have been frequenting the oshanas in the area to witness the flash flood waters emanating from neighboring Angola. This follows heavy rains received in that country over the past few days. 

Namibia has still not recorded any flood water in Cuvelai

Namibia has still not recorded flood water in the Cuvelai catchment from southern Angola.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform's Senior Hydrologist for the Cuvelai-Etosha basin, Leonard Hango, says a flash flood from the Cuvelai catchment is flowing towards the Namibia-Angola borders from the direction of Ondjiva and Namakunde. 

In an interview with nbc News along the Namibia-Angola border at Onghala Village, Hango said the flood waters have not yet reached the Namibian side but they are monitoring the situation.