The Road Fund Administration (RFA) has donated N$600,000 towards flood victims in the Oshana, Omusati, and Ohangwena regions.

The devastation caused by the floods is worrisome, and RFA CEO ALI Ipinge says, as a public entity, it is duty-bound to support communities impacted by these natural disasters.

Ipinge further says the RFA will rehabilitate roads that have been washed away, damaged, or riddled with potholes in due course.

He says the RFA will conduct stakeholder engagement sessions in the coming months to gauge input on the development of tolling in Namibia as an alternative road user charge.

Although the idea was received with mixed feelings last year, Ipinge says a study conducted shows that tolling will help the road sector become sustainable over the long term and thus contribute to Namibia's economic growth.

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Road Fund Administration - RFA


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