Political parties at the Okaku by-elections have shown maturity during their campaigns with no incident of intimidation or provocation reported.

Parties contesting the by-election are Swapo, PDM, IPC and NEFF.

In its campaign message, PDM put forward a proposal policy of one family one toilet, and the construction of bridges to allow residents easy access to public institutions and facilities during floods as well as potable water in every household.

PDM is also advocating for the effective transformation of young people.

"We are focusing on taking a young person into office, there is no party in this country that has more young people in parliament percentage-wise than PDM."

SWAPO is boasting about the construction of 15 schools including a secondary school in the constituency, all of them electrified.

Another is rural sanitation. Eleven toilet units were constructed in the 20212022 financial years, while twenty more are planned for this financial year. 

There are also two operational health centers at Okaku and Eloolo and mobile clinics at Ondingadinga and Oshikondiilongo.

If re-elected, Swapo promised to continue with more development.

"As Swapo members we reaffirm our position that the space left by our departed Councillor Hanu Kapenda is filled again with another Swapo Party member, therefore, the reason why we are here our candidate is registered and our candidate meets all the requirements and Swapo reaffirmed that is the right candidate."

The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters believes it is the only political party that has the interest of the masses at heart.

"We are a revolutionary party that aspires to free the working class and the poor, the party that does not want to see a Namibia child suffering, a party that wants to make sure that prosperity is not just a talk show."  

Independent Patriots for Changes said it is ready to fight poverty, and under-development and set up a proper development program at Okaku if elected to power.

They also want to tackle youth unemployment in the constituency.

"85 percent of our young people failed Grade-12 last year, how many Grade-12 are there who did not make it to universities, even those who qualify don't have the resources to go for tertiary education, until when are we going to allow this to continue?"

Okaku residents will go to the polls this Friday the 17th of March.



Tonateni Haimbodi