The Police in the Zambezi Region has cautioned residents against staging house breakings to claim insurance.

The NamPol Unit Commander for Community Affairs in the Zambezi Region, Inspector Kisco Sitali said house breakings top the list of offenses.

Of the 29 cases reported since the 19th of March, 13 cases are house breakings.

Inspector Sitali said many a time complainants end up being the suspects.

"But through our investigations on some of the cases, we have found that in some of the cases, owners of the properties used to shift them in order to cash in on insurance, and we have crossed with most of the homeowners who have tried to cash in for insurance purposes by shifting their own goods to a different location and then reporting the cases as stolen."

Other incidents recorded are six cases of under GBV, rape and possession of cannabis three each, two robberies as well as reckless and negligent driving.

The police also recorded cases of theft of all kinds, common assault, attempted rape, and malicious damage to properties.

Inspector Sitali also warned residents to be vigilant and not to fall prey to criminals through bank wallets.

"We have observed an increase in money that has been withdrawn by a different person other than the owner of the money or the owner of the phone so we are experiencing so many cases that are reported especially at our Katima Mulilo Police station, regarding people withdrawing money which is not theirs."

He says in some cases, scamming is committed by family members and friends of the victims.



Juliet Sibeso