Education sector most affected by floods in Zambezi

The Governor of the Zambezi Region, Alufea Sampofu, says education is one of the sectors facing challenges in the region, resulting in poor performance.

Sampofu was speaking during a courtesy call by the European Union delegation.

The governor said although the country produces qualified teachers, learners still perform poorly as a result of a lack of adequate classrooms and a conducive environment, especially in flood-prone areas. 

Security cluster in Zambezi crackdown on wildlife crime

Zambezi Region's law enforcement and security forces are making significant strides against wildlife crime.

Today, seven individuals from Zambia were apprehended in the Kapani area with 18 tusks, along with the discovery of a .375 caliber firearm in their possession.

These tusks, believed to be sourced from poached elephants in Botswana, mark the latest incident in a series of arrests within the past three weeks. The total number of intercepted elephant tusks in this region over the last three consecutive weeks now stands at 59.

Mayuni learners empowered with bicycles

The Mayuni Secondary School learners in the Zambezi Region received more than 110 bicycles worth N$500,000 over the weekend.

The bicycles were handed over to learners by African Monarch Lodges, operating in the Mayuni and Mashi conservancies.

The bicycles were distributed to learners living in outlying areas of the school, including those with an interest in cycling as well as top performers.

The gesture is aimed at improving the livelihood of those learners and motivating them not to skip classes.

Zambezi Police Investigate Poaching of Elephants

Police in the Zambezi Region apprehended a 37-year-old man found in possession of 24 elephant tusks during a joint operation with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism last night.

The tusks are alleged to have come from Botswana, where the elephants were poached, and entered Namibia through the Batubaja Area in Linyanti Constituency.

All 24 tusks were found loaded into a vehicle with an expired disc licence driven by a suspect who was allegedly called to provide transport after the car in which they were transported initially ran out of fuel.

Valuable stolen items found at private developer's property

Authorities in the Zambezi Region are cautioning residents to refrain from harbouring individuals involved in criminal activities that hinder service delivery.

This follows the discovery of items including copper wires, taps, valves, sewer motors, generators, and electrical and copper cables at a scrap yard at the Old Musika location in Katima Mulilo.

According to the police, the items are similar to those reported stolen from the Katima Mulilo town council properties, Enkehaus Private Hospital, NORED, and Telecom Namibia facilities, including the local state house.

Suspect denies raping tourist

A 39-year-old resident of the Zambezi Region charged with the rape of a 60-year-old tourist near a tourist establishment in 2021 has denied any guilt for the crime when he appeared in the Katima Mulilo Magistrates Court on Friday.

Boniface Lubembo also pleaded not guilty to other charges laid against him, namely attempted murder, robbery, and assault.

Lubembo, who let go of his first legal aid lawyer after conflicting instructions, has again opted not to make further use of a second legal aid lawyer. 

Singalamwe Police post inaugurated

The N$34.6 million police post at Singalamwe in the Kongola Constituency of the Zambezi Region has officially been inaugurated.

The facility, which was completed last month, consists of a charge office, a record room, a radio room, a kitchenette, a 2-bedroom house, two 20-room barracks for male and female officers, a kitchen, and a staff entertainment area.

Africa Hope Development Foundation helps the needy

More often than not, widowhood is seen by some as a source of shame, stigmatisation, and isolation.

The President of the Africa Hope Development Foundation, Dr. Ernest Kombo, said widows, widowers, and other vulnerable citizens need support and love.

Dr. Kombo was speaking at Kabbe North District, where the Foundation handed over humanitarian assistance to widows, people with disabilities, and the elderly.

Assistance to 68 beneficiaries was mobilised by the Swapo Party district mobiliser, Da-Silver Mabuku.

Global Hand Washing Day held in Zambezi

The Ministry of Health and Social Services hosted the Global Hand Washing Day in the Zambezi Region on Friday.

The 15th Global Hand Washing Day was held at Siseme Primary School in the Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency, under the theme "Clean Hands Are Within".

Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu emphasised the need for traditional leaders, government officials, and regional and local authority leaders to spread the message regarding the importance of hand washing in the communities.

Additional suspects in Zambezi corruption case appear in court

The two remaining suspects in the Zambezi Regional Council corruption case involving more than N$4.6 million made a brief court appearance in the Katima Mulilo Magistrate Court this morning.

The two are Deputy Director for Administration Abraham Shikoyeni, 48, who was arrested in Windhoek on Monday, and Chief Accountant Nimrod Nehemia Lichela, arrested at Katima Mulilo on Monday.

Shikoyeni faces three corruption charges, while Lichela is facing two charges.