||Kharas Governor Aletha Frederick has reminded the regional political leadership to uphold the country's constitution.
She made the call during the Regional Development Update address.

Governor Frederick says she could not deliver the State of the Region Address for the third consecutive year; it is being replaced by the Regional Development Update Address.

She maintains that the ||Kharas Regional Council has denied her request to carry out her constitutional obligation to deliver the SORA since 2019.

This, she argues, makes the council collectively guilty of violating the oath of her office.

"We owe it to the public to report on the activities of the government, and I will not shy away from this important function. Therefore, I deemed it necessary as the Regional Governor to use this ideal platform, created through the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development and the NBC, to ensure that I fulfil my mandate."

The region has, however, made strides in the area of development, including the construction of the N$5 million Karasburg East Office and the N$430,000 water reticulation plant and water tanks at Grunau.

Additionally, a N$230,000 paving project for 1.5 kilometres of gravel road at Grunua and land servicing projects at Aussenkehr were also completed.
A total of N$473,000 has been allocated for bulk services at Ariamsvlei.

"It is concerning to notice that the housing sector faces constraints due to slow delivery of serviced land and provision of housing and insufficient financial assistance for low-income groups."

Employment prospects are expected to increase in the region following the start of industrial development projects, namely Neckartal Dam Development Phase 2, Green Hydrogen, and Oil and Gas.

She further revealed that the German government committed N$100 million to the Lüderitz Town Council, where the Hydrogen Project as well as Gas and Oil activities will take place, for urban development and boundary expansion.

On the education front, eight classrooms were constructed at Aussenkehr Primary School, while a N$1.5 million Community Skills Development and Learning Centre was constructed at Aroab.

N$1.6 million was allocated towards the construction of more classrooms at Oosterheim Combined School in Aroab.



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