The Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi, has put forth a motion in parliament on Cuba.

Katjavivi's proposal, submitted on Thursday during a meeting with the newly accredited Cuban Ambassador to Namibia, Sergio Vigoa de la Uz, calls for the lifting of the United States embargo on Cuba.

The Cuban diplomat commended Namibia for its unwavering support in calling for the lifting of the embargo.

Ambassador De la Uz highlighted the adverse effects of the protracted embargo on Cuba's economy, leading to constant shortages of food and essential commodities such as oil.

He expressed gratitude for Namibia's support in lifting the blockade and shed light on the additional challenge faced by Cuba due to its inclusion among a list of countries supposedly sponsoring terrorism, which further strains its economy.

Katjavivi emphasised the special significance of Namibia's relationship with Cuba, given their long-standing diplomatic ties. He pledged to prioritise the motion on Cuba when the parliamentary session resumes in September, acknowledging the deserving nature of Cuba's cause and the importance of extending full support to it.

The embargo, which has been in place for nearly sixty years, restricts the flow of goods to the Caribbean island nation.

Cuba and Namibia's relations date back to the time of Namibia's liberation struggle, during which Cuba offered political, military, and diplomatic assistance to the Swapo Party.

The cooperation between the two countries has continued post-independence, with Cuba providing valuable support through Cuban professionals in various fields. Additionally, Cuba has played a significant role in training Namibians as doctors and other professionals.

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