Equitable access to health in Namibia remains one of the most worrisome situations in the country.

Therefore, the Patient Charter and National Health Policy Framework road map should aim to promote and implement equitable healthcare as an essential human right.

A legal practitioner, Chloe Brandt, eluded during an interview that if one cannot acknowledge the right to health, it becomes difficult for one to know other human rights to housing, life, and dignity.

"The constitution of Namibia makes no explicit provision for the right to health or healthcare, but this is underpinned by any other right, such as the right to life, the right to dignity, or the right to housing; without realising the right to health, we cannot sort of realise any other rights."

Senior Legal Advisor in the Office of the Attorney General, Sara Nghishidimbwa, says there ought to be a distinction between domestic laws and policies on access to health.

"We are distinguishing between the right to health and the accessibility of healthcare; we need to make that distinction, and where someone presents themselves at a health facility and the services they have received there are unreasonable."

The National Health Policy Framework will empower all Namibians to actively participate in activities that promote good health and prevent ill health at the individual, family, and community levels.

The public system will provide an enabling environment for this to happen by supporting community health.

The Patient Charter promotes the respect and integrity of patients and speaks to all people having access to healthcare.

Infrastructure and human resources are some of the issues that need to be addressed to speak to the population within a given geographical area.

"We have various guidelines; in recent times, the MoHSS adopted STI guidelines; this again speaks to the provision and access to healthcare. We have various policies in place, and again, we are guided, and the Ministry is guided, by its strategic framework in the delivery and provision of this healthcare."