As discussions around youth unemployment take centre stage, frustrations continue to mount as many ponder what concrete solutions there are after many years of deliberations.

A public lecture on a presentation titled "Social Protection, Inequality, and Youth Unemployment in Namibia: Infringement of the Social Contract" unpacked consequences undermining the social contract.

The presentation by the University of Namibia's Lecturer, Dr. Basilius Kasera, highlighted interconnected issues, showing how the absence of adequate social protection worsens socioeconomic inequality, resulting in high youth unemployment.

He also pointed out frequent mismanagement of public resources, often without repercussions, and economic opportunities that are squandered while political officeholders are more interested in personal gain than proving public service.

The consequences of this socioeconomic decline, which Dr. Kasera says undermines not only the social contract but also young people's hope.

Others say the youth also have a role to play in meeting the government halfway.

Some youths, however, continue to explore avenues to create self-employment, but it has not been a walk in the park.

The public lecture also highlighted the need for public honesty and integrity to create robust social protection.



Celma Ndhikwa