Landless People's Movement (LPM) MP Henny Seibeb presented a motion to look into the difficulties encountered by small-scale miners in the Erongo Region. The motion calls for increased recognition and support of the small miners.

Seibeb's motion provides a comprehensive account of the challenges confronting small-scale miners, whose operations play a crucial role in the local economy but are hindered by various obstacles. These challenges encompass regulatory constraints, limited access to mining areas, and the absence of adequate funding opportunities.

One of the central issues highlighted in the motion is the absence of a universally accepted definition of small-scale mining.  The motion also draws attention to the geographical gap between small-scale miners and regulatory offices.

"While the majority of small-scale miners operate in the challenging terrain of the Erongo Region, regulatory offices are often situated in remote locations, making it cumbersome for miners to obtain licences and support," said Seibeb.

Popular Democratic Movement MP Vipuakue Muharukua voiced his support for the motion.The Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof. Peter Katjavivi, informed the house that the standing committee had been engaged in an exercise related to the motion.

He raised a pertinent question about whether it was necessary to send the subject matter back to the committee before hearing their report.

The Chairperson of the Human Resource Standing Committee, Tjekero Tweya, emphasised that the committee had been actively investigating matters related to the motion and intended to present a report to the house soon.



Serafia Nadunya