Rundu has seen an increase in certain crimes in 2023 compared to 2022, according to statistics provided by the Kavango East Regional Police.

The statistics compare various crimes between January and December 2022 and January and September 2023.

Even though the whole of 2022 reported 408 cases of housebreaking and theft, by September this year, that figure had already reached 488.

Theft stood at 258 cases last year, but by September 2023, it had increased to 398.

Stock theft is increasingly becoming a nightmare for many farmers. While only 37 cases were reported at Rundu in 2022, this year's figure stands at 173.

Last year, 25 rape cases were reported, but they increased to 31 this year.

At a meeting held in Rundu, NamPol revealed that the majority of the crimes were committed by young people aged between 12 and 20 years.

Various community members expressed their views on the crime rate in one of Namibia's fastest-growing towns, and according to them, some of the contributing factors are parents covering up their children's crimes. 

The Regional Commander of Kavango East, Commissioner Johanna Ngondo, however, made it clear that the statistics do not reflect the real situation on the ground, saying many residents prefer to go through traditional authorities to get compensated rather than reporting certain crimes to the police.



Frances Shaahama