Rundu Town Council can improve infrastructure despite outstanding debt


The leader of the Landless Peoples Movement (LPM), Bernadus Swartbooi, is convinced that the town council of Rundu can improve its infrastructure, despite outstanding debt by residents running into millions of dollars.

He said this at an LPM rally at Rundu. 

Rundu residents owe the town council N$370 million.

Desire to get rich a roadblock to educating boy child


A study carried out by the University of Namibia (UNAM) indicates that money matters and the desire to get rich is one of the factors that stands in the way of a boy child excelling in education.

This information was shared during the university's graduation ceremony at Rundu.

Of the 4,455 UNAM graduates, only 32% are male, while women make up 68%. 
Unam's Vice Chancellor says for the past seven years, women have been dominating university graduations nationally.

Lack of modernisation in agriculture is contributing to food insecurity- Mbangu


Rundu Rural Constituency Councillor Paulus Mbangu believes that lack of modernisation in the agricultural sector is one of the contributing factors to food insecurity in the country.

In an interview with nbc, Paulus Mbangu stated that agriculture plays a vital role in the lives of the people.

The agricultural sector, however, receives fewer funds from the national budget.

Mbangu says that in terms of the Maputo Declaration, which Namibia ratified and signed in 2003, 10% of the national budget must be allocated to agriculture.

Family of Malaka Sipilikita seek closure 


Family members of 18-year-old Malaka Sipilikita, who was shot by an unknown person at Rundu, are still seeking closure as the investigation is still ongoing.

It's been three months, and no one has been arrested in connection with Sipilikita's murder.

It is suspected that Malaka Sipilikita was shot in the chest by an unknown person while walking in the evening.

As he waits for the police to do their work, the father of the late Sipilikita, Alloys Sipilikita, says he has a lot of thoughts and scenarios about his son's death.

Rundu residents adamant on finishing SIM card registration process


Some Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) clients waiting in line at the mobile home in Rundu are adamant about finishing the registration process, despite the announced extension.

It's a chaotic situation, with various clients putting pressure on the security guards to better manage the queue.

Despite the extension, some people said they would register today, no matter how long it takes.

They also welcomed the three-month extension.

A number of clients had a lot to say about how the mobile home should handle the registration process.

Woman found murdered after phone call


The body of 46-year-old Kapapero Ndano was found with stab wounds on Monday at the Tumweneni informal settlement, Rundu.

The lifeless body was found by a passer-by in the Tumweneni sewerage yard.

The deceased was stabbed with an unknown sharp object several times, and she died on the spot.

It is alleged that Ndano was last seen on Sunday evening by her neighbors.

According to her eight-year-old son, Ndano was on a phone call with an unknown man when she locked him in the house and left.

Rundu experiences rise in crime


Rundu has seen an increase in certain crimes in 2023 compared to 2022, according to statistics provided by the Kavango East Regional Police.

The statistics compare various crimes between January and December 2022 and January and September 2023.

Even though the whole of 2022 reported 408 cases of housebreaking and theft, by September this year, that figure had already reached 488.

Theft stood at 258 cases last year, but by September 2023, it had increased to 398.

Visual artist creates suicide awareness through art


A visual artist is using his talent to raise awareness about suicide in Rundu. 

Paulus Kanyanga believes that his "Suicide Mural Project” will encourage more Namibians to open up about the realities behind the act.

Titled "Only in the Darkness Can You See the Stars,” this piece of art depicts a reality that many Namibians are currently facing. 

The mural is dedicated to those who have committed suicide as well as those who have attempted to take their own lives.