The race for the presidency of the Namibian Football Association (NFA) between Robert Shimooshili and Patrick Kauta is expected to be highly competitive and closely contested at the Association's Elective Congress on Friday.

Both Shimooshili and Kauta have shared their visions for the future of the NFA if elected as President. Kauta, in particular, spoke to the media from Ghana, highlighting the importance of his campaign.

As the campaigns of Shimooshili and Kauta came to a close, they released their manifestos outlining their plans to rejuvenate and uplift Namibian football, which has faced challenges in recent times.

Both candidates enjoy significant support within the football community, further intensifying the competition for the presidency.

In their pursuit of victory, Shimooshili and Kauta have assembled experienced and well-known figures from the football world to join their respective camps. These individuals are expected to play crucial roles in guiding the NFA towards new heights should their candidate be successful in securing the presidency.

The outcome of the election will determine the future direction of the NFA, and the football community eagerly awaits the results and the subsequent impact on Namibian football.



Breschneff Katjaimo