Outjo Constituency Councillor John Antsino urged residents to keep the late president's legacy alive by tapping into the wisdom he displayed during his tenure.

Antsino was speaking at Kunene's final tribute service dedicated to the late Hage Geingob at Outjo.

All 40 churches from Outjo gathered at the Etoshapoort stadium to pay their respects to the fallen giant.

Outjo Constituency Councillor John Antsino says there is a lot one can tap from the late president's teachings through his good deeds.

"The only payment that we can do for his good deeds that he has done for the country is perhaps to keep his legacy on for future generations to know and acknowledge him. During the cycle of life that I travelled, I met him several times. Out of many things I've learned from him, he was an inspiring leader who is not selfish, and I remember the popular quote that he told us, a Swahili word meaning hurry has no blessings, we will forever be missed. He left us with wounds that would be difficult to heal."

He says Geingob was a brilliant navigator, who navigated Namibia through economic hardship, coupled with persistent drought and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The chief mourner of the Kunene Region, Governor Marius Sheya, left everyone weeping as he struggled to hold back his tears.

"As we pay tribute to this man, as it is difficult for me in this way, I wonder how madam Geingos feels. I wonder how the kids feel. But I was told and I was taught that a broken heart can be healed in the mighty name of the Almighty, so I place my trust and confidence in him, and I say, Comrade, go well. I will forever love you, and I will make sure I remain who I am because you were proud of who I am."

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