The president of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) says the Kavango regions have agricultural potential and the ability to become beacons of prosperity for Namibia. 

McHenry Venaani made the remarks at a PDM rally at Divundu, Kavango East, during the weekend. 

"We can turn Kavango into one of the most prosperous regions in this country by investing 10% in agriculture. When I take over this government, 10% of the national budget will go to agriculture. If we spend money on agriculture, we will create jobs for the youth, give water to farmers, and provide better seeds to farmers. Under my government, every tractor of government, every five hectares will be for free."

Venaani told PDM supporters that social grants will be taken care of with proceeds from modern agricultural practices. 

"This country will not buy food from South Africa. We are going to make our own food, drill boreholes, expand drip irrigation, aquaponics, and irrigation everywhere. Namibians will produce their own food, we will create our own jobs, we will create value chains, and our people are going to live a better life."

He also promised to scrap and amend various laws that he says are not beneficial for the average Namibian. Apart from promising to significantly reduce the number of ministers, the PDM President also vowed to reduce incidences of human wildlife conflict in the region. 

"Our people here in Kavango are dying from crocodiles. Our children are dying from crocodiles. Goats are eaten by crocodiles. The crocodiles have become the owners of our lives today. Not only are we talking, we have already given a borehole pump to the village in Mukwe. For two years, there was no pump, and we put a pump there. We are not in government, but we did this to demonstrate that when it comes to government, we mean business." 

This is the water point PDM rehabilitated at Kavhurira village, Mukwe constituency. 

The community borehole had its water pump element stolen about a year and nine months ago. The community here often had to fetch water from three other community water points about three kilometres from here. 

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Frances Shaahama