PDM wants oil deals renegotiated


Popular Democratic Movement leader McHenry Venaani says Namibia's current and future oil deals need to be renegotiated for Namibians to also benefit from these resources to provide fair jobs and better working conditions for Namibians.

Venaani joined workers at Walvis Bay in a march on May Day.

The PDM leader emphasised the high unemployment rate among young Namibians and said there are not many reasons to celebrate Workers' Day.

PDM calls on President Mbumba to take charge of fishing industry


The leader of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), McHenry Venaani, has called on President Nangolo Mbumba to look into the affairs of the fishing industry. 

Venaani made the remarks while joining the demonstration by the fishermen employed through the Government Employment Redress Programme, who handed over petitions to the Ministries of Labour, Industrial Relations, and Employment Creation and that of Fisheries at Walvis Bay.

Fishermen not entitled to choosing jobs of preference


Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Derek Klazen has denounced the alleged entitlement of fishermen who, he claimed, want to dictate the type of work they should do.

Klazen, during a renewal of employment contracts for fishermen employed under the governmental employment redressing programme, noted that the fishermen feel entitled and are disrespectful towards employers, continuously threatening employers with mass resignations and demonstrations and threatening that the quota belongs to them.

President Mbumba to provide genocide negotiation update in separate forum


President Nangolo Mbumba has assured the members of Parliament of an update on the genocide negotiations on a separate platform.

This follows questions by the leader of PDM, McHenry Venaani, on the progress of the discussions.

In 2021, Germany admitted the atrocities it committed during 1904–1908 against the Nama and Herero communities after a stretch of negotiations between the governments.

RDP MP queries Minister on challenges for farmers beyond red line


The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) MP Kennedy Shekupakela questioned the Minister of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform regarding the challenges faced by farmers beyond the Red Line. 

He highlighted the struggles encountered in establishing essential structures, implementing effective fencing, and securing access to water resources.

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani pointed out the severity of the issue, saying crop farmers in regions face uncertainty due to a lack of rainfall.

McHenry Venaani hailes smooth transition of power following death of Dr. Hage Geingob


The leader of the official opposition, McHenry Venaani, has hailed the smooth transition of power following the death of Dr. Hage Geingob and the country's constitutional democracy, which the late President championed.

Namibia's supreme law, the Constitution, clearly stipulates the succession plan once a vacancy occurs, as Article 34 leaves no room for a constitutional crisis.

Motion to further review Marine Resources Amendment Act rejected


The Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Sylvia Makgone, explained why Swapo Party MPs objected to McHenry Venaani's Private Members Bill to amend the Marine Resources Amendment Act of 2000.

The bill sought to further amend the Act from giving sole discretionary powers to the Minister to allocate quotas to the National Fishing Corporation.

The proposed amendment divided the House, with PDM parliamentarians waving placards in the house in favour of the motion.