The Informal Settlement Upgrading Affordable Housing Pilot Project is about to reduce the housing backlog by 113 houses as construction begins.

The houses will be constructed in Windhoek's Greenwell Matongo Extension 4.

The late President Hage Geingob once said that the living conditions in the informal settlements should be declared a national humanitarian crisis. 

The Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Evelyn !Nawases-Taeyele, reminded those in attendance of his words. 

She reiterated the government's commitment to addressing housing needs and fostering community development.

"The houses built under this project have become very popular, and the demand has skyrocketed, which prompted the two institutions to look at their priority areas and devise measures to increase the housing stock under the project. To this end, 503 plots serviced under the Mass Urban Land Servicing Project have been made available with the aim of constructing houses, hence these 113 housing units."

The Mayor of Windhoek, Queen Kamati, said owning a house is a cherished dream for many, emphasising that this aspiration is valid for all Namibians.

"As I look around me, I can proudly say that the dream of owning a house is achievable and steadfast in working together with the stakeholders that have implemented this since 2013 to date, and that NHE and COW have joined in on the fight for affordable housing."

A representative from the National Housing Enterprise, Hasting Tjipueja, also highlighted the significant gap in Namibia's progress regarding the construction of affordable housing for its citizens.

"The target is indeed for low-income households that will be able to pay for their houses for as little as $600 monthly. NHE is fully cognizant of the responsibility of the policies placed by the cabinet in November 2023, and we are also aware of the role of affordable houses on a country-wide scale."

The housing project launched is designed to accommodate individuals in various professions, including those in the uniformed services as well as teachers and nurses.

A local teacher expressed appreciation to all stakeholders involved for turning his dream of homeownership into a reality.

Approximately 400 applications were received, yet only 113 could be chosen for the pilot phase. 

The construction of the houses will be divided into three phases spanning 12 months, with the last set of buildings anticipated to be completed by April 2025.

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