The National Democratic Party (NDP) has promised to create job opportunities for young people if elected to power in the November national elections. 

Its president, Martin Lukato, addressed a media briefing at Ondangwa.

Lukato has concluded his house-to-house campaign, carried out in the northern regions.

He hailed the effort as a success, noting its aim of getting voters to consider the better future offered by the NDP.

Young people, he said, would be assured of employment opportunities. 
"Number one, we are going to create factories in all 14 regions to create jobs for the youth. Second,  we are going to make sure that those unemployed youths have to be sent for training for their skills, and then from there, we are going to pay them guarantees for the period until that time they have been employed."

The NDP also pledges to increase traditional authority leaders' allowances.

"We are going to make sure that all district traditional leaders are provided with government vehicles, and they are also going to be paid allowances. For all senior citizens, the peanut butter they are receiving today (N$1,400) is enough; they are going to be paid N$5,000 per month."



Tonateni Haimbodi