The Zambezi Development Association (ZDA) has removed the sign board of the Zambezi Regional boundary with the Kavango East Region and attempted to hand it over to the 5th Boundaries Delimitation and Demarcation Commission at Katima Mulilo on Tuesday. 

ZDA is a pressure group headed by Blessing Maanda.

The signboard and a petition, addressed to President Nangolo Mbumba, were received by Zambezi Governor Alufea Sampofu.

The group at first wanted to hand the petition and signboard to the Chairperson of the Delimitation Commission, Justice Petrus Unengu, who referred them to Governor Sampofu for the attention of the President. 

Sampofu received the petition but refused to receive the signboard explaining to the group that the board was installed at Chetto in accordance with Namibian laws and could only be removed in the same way. 

The action by the group followed two days of submissions by Zambezi Region residents to the commission. 

Sampofu appealed to the commission to ensure that they return the Zambezi regional boundary to the middle of the Kavango River as per the May 4, 1977, agreement between the then Hambukushu Chief Mayabero, former Mafwe Chief Richard Temuso Muhinda, and the then Masubia Chief Maiba Moraliswani at Kongola fort.

The Zambezi Governor at the same time called for the establishment of a new constituency, named Bwabwata. The proposed constituency is to start at the Kwando River, stretching to the middle of the Kavango River, and is to be managed by the Khwe San community themselves.

Samupofu further proposed that the constituency office be at Chetto to ease service delivery.

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