The Namibia Table Tennis Association (NTTA) recently held the Junior Table Tennis Championship in Windhoek.

The event was highlighted by the presence of South African coach Simon Gologolo, who is assisting in selecting the national team for the upcoming Africa Youth Games in Botswana and the Region 5 Games in Angola.

The championship featured a strong participation of young players competing in singles, doubles, and mixed competitions.

Simon Gologolo, who is on his second visit to Namibia, expressed satisfaction with the progress and technical skills demonstrated by the participants.

“I have a full attendance of the whole Namibian Junior and Senior teams. So far, they are progressive and very committed in their development. I am completely satisfied because their attendance is superb”

His mission extends beyond team selection; he aims to prepare the players for high-performance levels, anticipating competition with more advanced teams.

“The African teams will be playing against Nigeria, Egypt, and Algeria. Those African teams are quite strong. I am preparing them for high performance, and I hope that they will at least compete and win some matches against all these powerhouses of the north, including South Africa as well”


He was also delighted by the advanced technical systems for recording and capturing player data, which he believes will be beneficial for Namibia's long-term development in the sport.


Gologolo commended the local coaches for their professionalism and effective conduct during the tournament.

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Hileni Matheus