A dispute over the leadership of the Ovaherero people is far from over.

A faction under Senior Councillor Vipuira Kapuuo convened a Chiefs Council meeting at Ozombuzovindimba and nominated three candidates for the position of Paramount Chief of the Ovaherero.

The three candidates include PDM leader McHenry Venaani, Mike Kamboto Rațoveni Kavekotora who is the leader of RDP, and academic Dr Hoze Riruako.

The Ozombuzovindimba, council meeting also resolved to call a Senate meeting in January next year, to approve the election of one of the three candidates as the new Paramount Chief.

This was confirmed by Dr Uazuva Kaumbi, advisor to Kapuuo.

Professor Mutjinde Katjiua was installed earlier this year at a ceremony which received mixed reactions from some leaders of the Ovaherero Traditional Authority.

Leaders who form part of the Mutjinde Katjiua faction did not attend the Friday meeting

 All Chiefs of the different areas of the OvaHerero Traditional Authority are gathered in Otjozondema in Gam in remembrance of the Extermination Order by Lothar von Trotha.

Ombara Uazukuani Rukambe says,  "The Chiefs and the overwhelming numbers of Hereros are in Gam to remember this day with the Herero Community that returned from a long exile in Botswana caused by the Genocide"

He says the Ovaherero people already have a Paramount Chief, and thus did not attend the meeting called by Chief Kapuuo.


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Emil Seibeb