The National Planning Commission's Director General, Obeth Kandjoze, has confirmed to nbc News that the allegations made public by AR Activist Dr Job Amupanda about the terms being negotiated by the government with a German company, HYPHEN, which won the Hydrogen Tender, are true.

But Kandjoze was also quick to point out that those terms are still drafts and negotiations are at an infant stage.

On his social media pages, Dr  Amupanda alleged that he was in possession of documentation and knew that the government had promised to build houses and/or accommodations for German employees who would be working on HYPHEN green hydrogen projects in Luderitz.

Amupanda also revealed that the government made a promise to the Germans that it would not issue EPLs and mining rights to anyone for 42 years in coastal areas and that, in addition, Parliament should pass a law called the Synthetic Fuels Act in favour of the Germans.

Amupanda further reveals that the government is also undertaking to change the Diamond Act, which declares the Sperrgebiet a security zone, where the green hydrogen projects are intended.

When approached for a comment, Mines and Energy Minister Tom Alweendo opted not to say anything but rather referred the nbc to Kandjoze.

Kandjoze, apart from confirming the terms as still being negotiated, said a press statement will be released at a later stage.


Photo Credits
Windhoek Observer
Daniel Nadunya