Oshana Governor Elia Irimari says the safety of people should take center stage during the upcoming festive season as the influx of visitors has started.

Irimari made these remarks in a speech read on his behalf during the launch of the festive season road safety campaign at Oshiko Road Block in Ongwediva.

The governor says residents and visitors should enjoy the festive season as police will be visible on major roads to reduce road accidents.

But he warns that this will only happen if residents and visitors comply with the set laws and adopt positive behavioral changes.

"As responsible citizens, we can go the extra mile and further support this road safety campaign by ensuring that we consistently use safety belts, check our vehicles for roadworthiness, avoid fatigue and drunk driving, promote pedestrian safety, and avoid speeding, recklessness, and overtaking on barrier lines."

Criminals see the holiday season as an opportunity to conduct illegal activities.

However, NamPol's Oshana Regional Commander Commissioner Naftal Sackaria says men and women in uniform have reinforced their presence both on the roads and streets to prevent such acts.

"Unfortunately, some of those coming or already here might have other intentions, including committing crimes. We should not give them an opportunity, and we can achieve that objective if we are properly organized. As a result, we have already started our festive season operation on November 16th, and today we are just launching it, which is going to be "Boots on the Ground."

The operation's launch has seen companies such as NORED, MVA, security companies, Women and Men Network for Change, and others throw their support behind the initiative, which is expected to end on the 20th of January.

Ndapanda Shuuya