The Anti-Corruption Commission's (ACC) Director General, Paulus Noa is dismayed by some Namibians who because of their greediness and corrupt ways continue to plunder the country's natural resources, while the poor continue to suffer.

Speaking at the commemoration of the International Anti-Corruption Day at Outapi, Noa says Namibia is endowed with abundant natural resources that can be used to improve lives and accelerate development.

However, because of greedy elements, many people continue to be on the receiving end.

The ACC chief said, there is a need to reinvent the wheel and ensure equitable distribution of resources to all Namibians to close the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

"Where there is corruption you must forget about security and above all, you must forget about development."

Omusati Governor, Erginus Endjala, in a speech read on his behalf said, the government should do more to aggressively root out corruption and close all loose ends. 

"Damage caused by corruption may result in long-term effects on the economy and livelihood. Corruption erodes the moral fabric of society and damages the ethos of democratic governments. Corruption benefits a few individuals while being costly to the larger society."

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Ndapanda Shuuya